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You have your own website or you create your own website. You must have needed FTP( FTP full form) in both these works. If you do both these things and do not know FTP, then your knowledge is still half incomplete as FTP is a very important tool for web development that every blogger and web developer should know. He should know what FTP is? How to use FTP? How does FTP work?

FTP full form, What is FTP
FTP full form, What is FTP

What is FTP?

FTP full formFTP – File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to upload files over the Internet. With this, you can access the files of your computer and Hosting Server in one place at the same time. Apart from this, you can move them by drag-dropping. In it, files are exchanged between two computers by TCP / IP Connection. When a developer builds a website, FTP is used to upload the files of that website to the server.

Simply put, there is some software for FTP that establishes a connection between your computer-server-website three. When you create a website, a lot of data has to be uploaded on it like Image, Content, Website Themes, many codes, etc. To properly manage all these in one place, we use FTP which maintains our uploaded data as a directory. At the same time, it keeps our Save Data online. Because if we keep this data in our computer, then there is a possibility of deleting all that data in case of any problem in the computer. To avoid this, the data required to build a website is saved online. Most people upload it to FTP and the server.

FTP cannot be used directly by every user, because to access it you need an ID and password. In this, you can both upload multiple files simultaneously. On the other hand, if you go to a site as a normal user, then you can either view or download the content there. ( FTP full form)

How to use FTP? ( FTP full form?)

FTP is very easy to use. You can use it easily with the help of software. Most web developers worldwide use the FileZilla FTP Client Software for FTP access. This is very popular FTP client software all over the world. To use it follow the procedure given below.

– Firstly Filezilla’s official website https://filezilla-project.org/ Download the Filezilla Client Software by visiting. (Beauty Hindi Beauty tips)

After that, install it and open it.

– After opening, it will ask you for all the information of the Ftp server, which you will have to fill so that you can connect to your FTP server.

– After that go to the File option and click on the Site Manager inside it.

– After this, the site manager’s page will open in which you have to fill in the information asked. like

FTP full form, What is FTP
FTP full form, What is FTP

New Site: You have to click on it.

My Sites: Profile Name Type your site name.

Host: Enter the Host Name or Domain Name in it.

Port: Leave 21 numbers in it.

Protocol: Select FTP in it.

Encryption: Select Use Plain FTP in it.

Logon Type: Select Normal in it.

User: Write the Username of the FTP account you have created in it.

Password: Enter your password

Here you will get the FTP full form What is FTP full information

By doing this, Filezilla will be connected to your Hosting Server and your server’s file will be visible to you on the right.

How does FTP work? (FTP full form?)

The way FTP works are very simple. In this, you send the request to the hosting server with the help of FTP software and it tells you all its data in the form of a directory. That is, with the help of FTP, you can access all the data of that website on the server of a website. You can download that data, you can upload something new, you can transfer that data elsewhere. But to do all this, your FTP software must be connected to your hosting site or your server and you must have a user ID and password to connect to the server.

FTP full form, What is FTP
FTP full form, What is FTP

What is the difference between FTP and HTTP? (FTP full form?)

Apart from FTP, you must have heard the name of HTTP and you will also know a lot about it. But there is a great difference between FTP and HTTP.

1) When you use FTP, the file is automatically saved on the client’s computer after being transferred from the server, but when you use HTTP, the file is visible to you but you have to save it yourself. is.

2) FTP is used more for the transfer of large files. But if you want to transfer a small file somewhere else, then it would be best to use HTTP.

3) We do Two Way Communication through FTP because in this we can upload and download things with the help of FTP in two places. But only one-way communication is done via HTTP. In this, we can only download the file and see it. Can not upload any other file at that place.

4) Through FTP the user can see the Directory Structure of the server while it can be hidden in HTTP.

Today What We Learn

Today we’ve Learnt If you are a blogger then FTP(FTP full form) is very useful for you because there are many files on your website which are a difficult task to maintain. FTP can do this work very easily, so you must know about FTP very well.

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