UncategorizedWhat is an advertisement? - Best Article about Advertising 2021.

What is an advertisement? – Best Article about Advertising 2021.

What is an advertisement? – Types of Advertising

The headline of this article is What is an advertisement. Type of advertisement in Hindi. We will discuss these topics in detail Meaning of advertisement what happens. (What is an advertisement ) And what is the meaning of why so much money is spent on advertising?

There are many means of showing advertisements through which the advertisement is published. If you have paid attention, then through TV channels, online video streaming platforms, advertisement boards, pamphlets, announcements, visiting cards, etc., people can make their items known to the public. We will talk about what is its profit and loss.

Often the advertisement is done from the place where it is more public such as placing a poster on the road, playing an ad in a movie thriller or you will get to see a lot of ads while watching a TV channel serial, the time of running an advertisement on TV from 30 to 60 seconds It may be that the product of that item is mentioned in its entirety.

In the minds of most people, there must be a reason why this advertisement is run, there are many reasons which will be known but the advertisement is very cleverly written and made using the catchy image so that more and more people are attracted to this product. Ho.

What is advertising?

Advertising is a Hindi word of mouth, as soon as we hear the name of the ads, the image starts to form in many different minds because every day hundreds of ads are not seen anywhere and the picture form of those advertisements is saved from our brain. Therefore, many advertisements are remembered as soon as they take the name of each advertisement.

Advertising is a means through which the quality of goods services or ideas is disclosed to the general public or to attract the public towards their goods so that consumers are attracted and use goods and services in their own use, this is called advertising.

Today the advertisement is easily delivered to every person from door to door, the biggest contribution of this is from social media which is used by most people.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, when you open the newspaper magazines or TV, there are many types of advertisements printed in it, in which every person has to see a lot of ads, because in today’s time, from road to home, from mobile to TV. From books to magazines, only advertisements are printed.

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Meaning of advertisement.

Advertisement is known as Advertisement in English. This advertising word is the word of the Latin language Advertere which means to impress the brain. Advertisement is the Hindi meaning of this word.

Advertising means informing people about a particular item or service, informing or making the common people aware of that information.

Type of advertisement in Hindi.

Now let’s know the Types of advertisement, How many are there? Advertisements are broadcast in many ways so that the information of the object can be reached to more people in less time.

Because every advertising company uses different platforms, this is why many people are confused as to how the advertisement is done, which is the main medium of the advertisement below which you can read and understand.

  1. Newspaper: Advertising is a lot of medium of broadcasting but newspaper is the oldest and best medium for advertising which has been in circulation for many years. Through paper, the promotion of goods and services can be done very easily. It is suitable for most of the business. is.
  2. radio: Radio is a very old platform for advertising, but even today a lot of advertisements are done through radio, even today there is a large amount of listeners of radio, this is the reason due to which many advertisements are done through radio. How to become RJ (Radio Jockey)? Read this.
  3. Magazines: The magazine is also very popular for advertisements. It is published at certain times like Weekly, Monthly, 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly, and Yearly, so it is an Oriented Despicable Audience. This is a good advertisement for reading the magazine. Is considered a medium.
  4. Television: There are a lot of advertisements between TV serials, realty shows, movies, news channels, it is expensive but it is an effective advertisement, it is presented in a way like a TV channel, the features of the item dramatically. Are told
  5. Cinema: Many types of advertisements are shown in theaters often before or in the middle of the movie play, it will be a little expensive but it makes a good impact on the public which the consumer uses the production.
  6. Direct Marketing: This advertising medium can prove to be useful for local advertising promotion, direct conversation can be done through direct email marketing phone call or WhatsApp messaging app, it can be very beneficial advertisement.
  7. Internet : In today’s era, advertising is run all over the Internet, you can run ads using many types of filters from the Internet, in addition to online companies, offline companies also advertise, can be promoted by running banner ad popup ad text ads from the Internet. is.
  8. Social media : Social media is used in today’s time, most of the people are used, so it can be quite appropriate to advertise on social media, from here people can be attracted according to their goods and services. That is why effect A lot of ads are run through this, whether it is done through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, its reach is very high.
  9. Poster : It is also very easy to advertise through posters because these types of advertisements are printed by printing machines and are placed on the streets intersections etc. in the streets of the streets, which can be seen and read by people coming and going.
  10. Loudspeaker: This advertising medium is a bit old but is considered to be a very useful advertising medium. Loudspeaker advertising can prove useful for small business or local business by recording some important information about the business, through loudspeakers in the streets, mohallas and small towns. Is done.

Functions of advertisement.

What is the function of advertisement lets see the question of why it is important to run an advertisement, what is its main function.

Advertising is a medium that introduces new goods or services made in the market to the common people so that people know about and use that product or service.

The advertisement motivates the public to buy that item so that more goods services can be sold in the market.

The task of advertising is to make the unknown customers feel with your item so that there is a discussion amongst each other about that item and the customer is impressed and used.

To increase the business of goods and services and to make more and more sales Advertising work is.

Advertising is an important role in making a business big, because of advertising, one can sell goods and services all over the world by sitting in one place, this is the reason for advertising.

Benefits of advertising.

Talking about the benefits of advertising, there are a lot of benefits. Let’s know about its benefits.

Increase product sales.

Running ads increases the selling of a product or item because most people discuss an item or service among others and look at each other and buy and hear about the item, which is why product selling increases.

Help to make the brand famous.

By promoting a product or service of a brand, brand building occurs, this increases the trust of the logo on the product and the consumer uses the item after listening to the brand.

Help in launching and selling new items.

Selling an item or service in the market is not so easy and that too a new item, but advertising can help you to sell at the time of launching a new product.

Attracting Customers

The best option to attract the customer is the words and text used in advertising are quite catchy, which easily attracts the customer.

Satisfying the customer.

Every salesperson wants that our customers have always been satisfied with our items because the customer is given a great status by the producer, then by running this advertisement, trust can be created in the market so that the customer can be satisfied.

Reaching targeted audiences,

Most of the advertisements want to make their goods and services accessible to the people who are interested in this item and they use it, then, in this case, the advertisement can reach you very easily.

Loss of advertisement.

Where many benefits of advertising are seen, there are also many types of advertising losses or losses.

spend more money.

It costs a lot of money to advertise, because advertising does not have to be done for money, but more money has to be spent in the name of advertising.

Many advertisements are confusing.

Some such advertisements are shown on TV or in the form of text, which causes a lot of confusion and does not understand which products are being talked about that can cause such Confusion loss.

Advertise with incomplete information.

Giving incomplete information or advertising about any product can cause a lot of harm because it can sometimes result in a betrayal that adversely affects the consumer.

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The conclusion

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