Best 6 Computer Motherboard Name of Parts

Today we will tell you important information related to a computer Motherboard Name in this post, the rest of us know it. There are many different parts inside a computer. And all the parts are connected together and due to that, the whole computer runs.

The computer works if any one of those parts will be removed, then the computer will not run and inside it, like keyboard mouse battery CPU all these things are connected together and only then a complete computer is built. And if the computer works, today we will tell you very important information related to all these things. In this post, we will tell you what is a computer motherboard Name. Then see

The most important part of any computer or laptop is the motherboard. So let’s talk first. What is a motherboard Name and what is its function? A motherboard Name is a circuit board inside a computer or laptop. With which every part of the computer is connected. Such as CPU, DVD Writer, Graphic Card, High Driver, Processor Mouse, Keyboard, all these computer parts are connected with the motherboard. Motherboard is also known as PCB i.e. Printed Circuit Board.

Name Of Top 6 Computer Motherboard Parts
Image by Andrea B. Lukács from Pixabay

CPU socket

The CPU socket is the part inside the motherboard Name of the computer. Above which the processor is mounted. And inside every computer, the processor of the computer is installed according to its capacity. Like you may have heard the name Core 2 Do, Quad Core, Penta Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core etc. Apart from this, we also have processors which Ios But also work like i3, i4, i5 And so on.

RAM Slot. The computer’s RAM is installed inside. It is a small part of a computer but it is a very important part whenever we go to buy a computer. So we buy a good computer so that it can run at a better speed than a computer with more RAM. Speed ​​and will run without hanging. Because a computer with more RAM can run many applications simultaneously. While the room computer hangs when you open more applications simultaneously. Because he is not able to control it properly.

Name Of Top 6 Computer Motherboard Parts
Image by Andrea B. Lukács from Pixabay

IDE connector

The IDE has a full form. Integrated drive electronics. It is used to connect some hard drives and optical drives to the motherboard Name, but in today’s time the ID is outdated, so it is rarely seen now instead of using SATA cable is. Which makes it work small and fast. Different types of cable are available in the market nowadays, such as SATA 1/2/3, etc.

withHeyS Chip & COMS Battery

COMS has a full form. Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor This is a battery power semiconductor chip. Which stores information. This can be information from the computer’s system, system time date to the computer’s system hardware settings. When your computer starts. So the BIOS shows the set and information in it. The lifetime of a COMS battery is up to 10 years. But depends on the use and environment of a computer. If a computer’s COMS battery fails. So the system, settings, date, and time will not be correct. And if your computer remains shut down for a long time, the COMS battery can also run out of charge.

North Bridge and South Bridge

The motherboard Name of the computer is divided into two parts. North Bridge and South Bridge North Bridge manages memory PCI slots. While the South Bridge processor manages the network card.

Name Of Top 6 Computer Motherboard Parts
Image by Andrea B. Lukács from Pixabay

Rear connector

These are the parts given above the top edge of the computer. With which you connect things like your mouse keyboard data cable. And these are important parts of the computer, without these, you cannot connect other things with the computer.

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Graphic card slot

It is a slot on the left side of the computer under the motherboard Name. Through which we can watch videos on our computer. The graphic card itself is called the video card. If your computer does not have a graphic card. So we will not be able to watch the video in our computer. Nowadays, very good graphic cards are installed in computers. And even two – two video graphic cards are also installed. So that we can play high quality games. And can watch HD or Full HD video.

So today we told you in this post about motherboard components computer motherboard parts name motherboard Name parts motherboard type motherboard Name pictures motherboard price motherboard parts. We told you in detail about the motherboard of the computer. If you have been told by us. If you like the information, do not forget to share and if you have any question or suggestion about it, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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