iPhone Vs Android Phone 10 Best Differences

Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone

Today, If you want to buy a smartphone and go to the market, then you will have to face a big problem because today in the market one smartphone company is too much and the other one climbs up and launches a smartphone, so if buying a smartphone If you go too many things have to be seen, so if you are buying a good budget phone, then you should mix two-three good company smartphones of the same budget and if you buy the smartphone of the same company which offers the best features at the cheapest, if the iPhone Or you want to buy one of the two Android phones and you are wondering which one to buy, then today we will tell you about the iPhone and Android Phone, you should read everything good and then think of it and buy a smartphone.

Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone
Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone – Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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Data security – iPhone Vs Android

First of all, let’s talk about something for which no one can match the iPhone. Friends, if you do some very important work with your smartphone and you want your data to not be lost, then you buy the iPhone, its security is such that No one can break it quickly like other smartphones are hacked and their data is extracted but they cannot do this in iPhone.

Customization – iPhone Vs Android

iPhone is such a big company that it does not leave anything from small to big in its smartphone and if you talk about optimization, then let us tell you that Apple itself designs the hardware of the iPhone, so that the company knows what components in the phone What is and what is the feature and the software that works inside the smartphone is also designed by the company, so that the company can work according to everything of the smartphone and the software and hardware can work together properly, so everything Perfect and Perfect is prepared. (iPhone Vs Android)

Now you know that iPhone is in very low modal market because Apple has launched in very less modal market of iPhone so that it can work well on them and if you talk about Android, then Android is very different from this, you know Is that Google is Android, Google made Android, but Google did not make Android iPhone for a single device like iOS. This is how many different models of different smartphone company all have different features, so each model of Android I do not run as well.

Application Quality and Availability – iPhone Vs Android

You will not get as much Android app in the iPhone store, but the quality of the application of the iPhone is better than the app of Android. And let us tell you that there are many apps which give more features in iPhone than Android. Now if you talk about Android’s Play store, you will get a lot of apps in Android’s Play Store but not the same quality as iPhone.

Software update – iPhone Vs Android

Talking about software updates, iPhone or Android keeps on coming in time and both companies keep launching new software every year but iPhone models are less, then they give quick updates and provide good features on updates and Android If the model is too much, then it takes time to update, and is not able to provide much features and when the update comes in the iPhone, all the phones are updated simultaneously, whether it is new or old, they all get updated simultaneously. But if we talk about Android, then some models get updates soon and in some models, it takes a lot of time for the updates to come out, I do not even know when the updates will come, so the iPhone is very good in terms of updates.

Cost – iPhone Vs Android

iPhone prices are very high, while smartphones with Android platforms are very affordable, but if you want good and different things, then you have to invest money.

Customization – iPhone Vs Android

Android is very good in terms of customization because inside Android we can make some changes according to us: such as its look can change software wise and you can change the theme according to you, you can change the wallpaper, Icons from one place You can place the other place, change the launcher, change the lock screen, but we cannot do all these things in the iPhone, some of these things can be done like Icons can be placed from one place to another place. You can keep it from one place to another place, but you cannot customize the iPhone like Android at all.

Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone
Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone – Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Multi window – iPhone Vs Android

This means doing two things at once, you can do more than one work simultaneously inside the Android phone, you get the option of Multi Window inside Android, but if you talk about the iPhone, you cannot do the same work in the iPhone simultaneously. Can

Design – iPhone Vs Android

If you go to take any Android phone in the market, you will get many different designs, you can take any design you like, but if you take an iPhone, then you will get almost the same design as you do not get the design you want. So if you want a different design, then you should buy Android itself.

File sharing – iPhone Vs Android

Talking about file sharing gives you the option of Android file sharing. You can take and send any data from an Android phone and if you have a third party app like ShareHit, or any such file transfer you can use File Transfer with the help of the app. You can do it, but you cannot do it in iPhone, you can easily share the file with other apps from one app inside the phone. So whatever sharing options are available, in any way, it is much better in an Android phone, so keep any iPhone on par.

Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone
Difference between iPhone Vs Android Phone – Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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