What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021

What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Nowadays, from Online Payment to Login OTP Is used. But do you know what is OTP? And when and how did it begin? If not, this article is especially for you. Because in this article we are going to discuss this subject. That’s why if you want to know What is OTP ( One Time Password)The how does it work? Who discovered it? And when and how did it begin to be used? So read this article completely.

What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021
What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021

OTP (One Time Password) – What is OTP

As soon as the internet is discovered Online security Became a major challenge. Because the crimes through the Internet (Cyber ​​Crimes) started to increase suddenly. And it became difficult to control them. Therefore, several security measures were taken in this direction. Such as Encryption, Firewall, 2-Factor Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication, etc. OTP is also one of these. But the question is One time password system What is (OTP System)? And how does it work? Let us understand in detail.

What is OTP?

OTP It means one time password. That is, a one-time password. It is actually a code of 4 to 8 digits. Which is used for Online Security. But its biggest feature is that it cannot be used again. That is, once it is used, it is of no use. Apart from this, it has a fixed time limit. At the end of which it automatically expires.

Security is the most important aspect of OTP. For this OTP algorithm In Irregularity And Cryptographic hash function Is used. That is, the actual data is converted into a code. Which cannot be obtained by reversing the original data back. That is, OTP is very difficult to estimate. That is why it is very secure.

How does OTP work?

Actually the algorithms that are used to generate OTPs use two Inputs. One Seed and the other Moving Factor. seed One constant value (Secret Key), which is always the same. That is, it never changes. And it is generated when Authentication server A new account is created.

There itself Moving factor Is variable. That is, it varies. That’s why every time we have a new OTP Code Get to see But the question is, how does the moving factor change? So to know this, you have to know the type of OTP. Because it works differently in different types of OTP codes.

Types of OTP

If you are thinking that there is only one type of OTP then you are thinking wrong. Because there are many types of OTPs. But there are 2 types of OTPs depending on usage. First Event-Based OTP and Second Time-Based OTP. What is the difference between these two? Come, let’s understand.

1. Event-based OTPWhat is OTP

Before you Hotpee Worried about the name of I want to state that H here means HMAC. That is Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC). This is actually an event based one time password. In which OTP has no time limit. That is, it remains valid until you generate a new OTP.

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In this, the moving factor is based on a counter. That’s why it Counter-based OTP Is also called. You must have seen that when you create a new account on the Google Authenticator App! So you get two options. One is Time Based and the other is Counter Based OTP. You can choose either of these two.

2. Time based OTP (TOTP)

As the name itself suggests, it is a Time based one time password. That is, the moving factor in it is based on time. That is why each OTP has a fixed time frame. This deadline time step It is said. The duration of timestep is usually 30 to 60 seconds. If you decide within the timeframe TOTP Don’t Validate! So it automatically expires.

Type of OTP (Medium)

Medium Means medium. That is, the means of sending and receiving OTPs. Although most SMS is used for this. But there are three types of OTP depending on the medium. And these are the following.

What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021
What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021

1. SMS based OTPWhat is OTP

Which otp your Registered mobile number But it is sent by SMS. It is called SMS based OTP. This is the most common and most popular way of sending OTPs. That is why it is used the most.

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2. Email based OTPWhat is OTP

Which otp your Registered Email Address Is mailed to This is called email based OTP. It is the second most popular means of sending OTPs after SMS. On some websites you get the option of both SMS and Email.

3. VoiceCall based OTPWhat is OTP

Many times both SMS and Email do not work due to being Network Busy. Because they are so late that the timestep of OTP ends. That’s why in such a situation voice call Is resorted to That is, a voice call is made on the registered mobile number of the user. And the OTP code, which is spoken, is spoken.


OTP DiscoveryWhat is OTP

Now the question is, who discovered OTP? Who invented OTP? So the credit Leslie Lamport (Leslie Lemport). Leslie Lemport first used this algorithm in the 1980s. It used a One-Way Function (f).

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In this algorithm seed (Constant value) and hash function Was used. Also, it was designed in such a way that the original value cannot be detected by reversing it. Later this OTP algorithm Began to be used extensively. And today it has become a part of our daily life.

Use OTPWhat is OTP

Only in the beginning Banking And Finance OTPs were used only in services connected to. But gradually its use began to increase. And today it is almost used in online services. For example, OTP is used in the following tasks: –

  • Confirming the order during online shopping and completing the payment process.
  • To transact money through Internet Banking.
  • Digital wallet (PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay etc.).
  • While login or register on Websites and Mobile Apps.
  • While password reset.
  • NVSP, UIDAI (Aadhaar Portal) and services like Bhamashah.
  • In financial services.

Advantages of OTP

OTP Is an important security feature. It’s not just Customer verification Makes it easier. But also prevents online fraud. Also prevents from Hacking. Talking about the advantages, OTP has many advantages. Such as: –

Extra protectionWhat is OTP

OTP is much more secure than a normal password. because this Extra protection Provides. For example, suppose you Internet banking Has taken the facility of. And your Username and Password got taken over by someone. So in such a situation, only OTP is there, which can save you from being a pauper. Because without OTP your account will not be able to transact. And your account will be saved from being empty.

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What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021
What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021

Hacking ProtectionWhat is OTP

No user changes their Regular Passwords again and again. That is, the same password is used for many months. That is why when regular password gets hit by someone, it can be misuse. But this is not the case with OTP. Because OTP is used only once. After that there is no use. In such a situation, if someone’s hands are attached, then nothing happens.

User verificationWhat is OTP

When there is a transaction with your account or an attempt is made to change the password. So one on your registered mobile number OTP Code Is sent. To prove that you are doing this yourself or someone else? If you happen to be yourself, you will verify yourself by entering the OTP. But if someone else happens, he will not be able to do so. Because he will not have an OTP. That is why he will be stopped there. In this way, the user is verified with the help of OTP.

Protection from online Fraud

Nowadays, one can hear news of Banking Fraud and online fraud. In this case, the importance of OTP increases even more. Because OTP protects us from Online Frauds. Before each transaction for Bank otp Sends. And only after the real account holder is identified process payment Completes Anyone like this Hacker Can not do unauthorized transactions with your account.

Why is OTP safe?What is OTP

Now the question is Is OTP safe? If yes how? There are many more such questions, which are related to the security of OTP. So I would like to tell you that OTP is completely safe. And it identifies the correct user. Right user means the user who has OTP Access Have the right to do. Or, say, who has a registered mobile number.

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If security is seen then OTP every time Randomly generated it happens. That is, what the next OTP will be cannot be predicted. In addition OTP is time-based and event-based. And can only be used once. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to misuse it.

But in one case your Otp hack It is possible. If you Malicious apps Let’s install in our phone. And give him permission to read the message! So your OTP cannot just be read. Rather Validate can also be done. So do not give permission to an app without thinking.

OTP Generator Apps

As soon as the name of OTP generator apps comes, the first name comes to mind. Google Authenticator App. Because it is the most popular and reliable app. And this is what most people use. But apart from Google Authenticatior, there are many apps, with the help of which you can generate OTP. Such as: –

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So these are some popular apps, with the help of which you can generate OTP. And can secure their digital accounts. However, apart from these, there are many apps. You can also use them if you want.

What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021
What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work? Best Guide 2021

SummaryWhat is OTP

Overall OTP is One Time Password! This is not only our Digital accounts Protects Rather online also prevents Fraud and Hacking. this one Additional protection layer , Which is easily applied on the regular password. Although OTP is completely safe. But if you give permission to a third party app to read the message! So it can also be hack. That is why take special care of this matter.

Hopefully, through this article, you What is OTP The how does it work? And what are its benefits? You may have received useful information on this subject. As well as types of OTPs, OTP Generator Apps and OTPs Security Must have learned a lot about new things about If you liked this article, then do it like and Share. Also, subscribe to guidebell.com. So that whenever we publish a new article, you get information about it

What is OTP (One Time Password)? how does it work?

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