How to prepare for Board Exam 2022

As the examinations start approaching, the question often arises in the minds of the students that how to get good marks, that is, to perform better in the examination.

Every student wants to perform well in the examination, whether it is a competitive exam or any other school/college examination. In view of this, you will know the Best Exam Study Tips which will be helpful in conducting an effective study of any exam.

How to prepare for Board Exam in 2022

The main work of a student in student life is to study, yet there are many such children who are not able to prepare well for the examinations or are unable to study due to some reason, but when the examinations are approaching, their mind is connected with the preparation of the examination. Start doing questions at home and think that how to prepare for the exam well!

In this post, we have provided the best exam study tips. If you follow these study tips properly then it is 100% guaranteed that you will do very well in the exam.

Have a positive attitude towards the exam

To be successful in any work, it is necessary to have positivity towards doing that work. If you are ready to do any work internally, then understand that you have crossed half the floor.

Similarly, students should not be too serious or nervous about the exam. Worrying too much about the exam affects the study routine and you are not able to prepare for the exam properly.

So keep a positive attitude towards the exam. By doing this you keep getting internal motivation in exam preparation which makes exam preparation effective.

In the context of this, it has been said that worry only so that the work gets done, otherwise, it will spoil your work on the contrary.

Time Management

To prepare well for the exam, it is necessary to manage time well.

Keep these things in mind in time management

  • How much time is left for the exam?
  • What is Syllabus?
  • Which subject should be given more time?
  • How many courses have you studied?
  • Revision time
  • Which is the Weak subject?
  • How many hours do you have to study?

In time management, keep in mind that the subject whose exam is in the last, read it first. As the exams are approaching, start preparing for the upcoming exams. Although it depends on your overall hard work how you study still it can be a useful tip.

Make notes and read

The purpose of the test is to assess the mental ability of the student, how much he remembers, and what he has learned!

My advice to students in study-related posts is that you should read self-written notes which will make it easier for you to read and you will be able to clear the topics very well.

You should prepare your notes in such a way that they are easy-to-read, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-understand for you.

Self-made study notes during examinations prove to be very helpful in preparing for the exam. The study notes made by you should be such that according to the syllabus and all the important questions should be included in it.

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Use Model Papers

Studying the old year question papers and sample question papers gives you an idea of ​​what type of questions will be asked in the exam and how to answer them!

By solving these question papers, you also get to know how much time is to be taken in doing any question so that you can complete the question paper on time. By doing this you will be able to manage the questions well on the day of the exam i.e. cover the papers with time management.

Do Revision

To prepare well for the exam, it is necessary to revise from time to time to recollect the things studied in the memory. Keep revising all the subjects so that you don’t get too much pressure at the end of the exam.

Read aloud to remember things quickly. Also, write down what you have read so that you know how well you have read and memorized it.

Avoid Comparing Others

During the exam, you should not think about topics other than your exam preparation. This may be a reason for your disorientation.

You have to believe in whatever will happen during the will be good. Be with your friends but don’t be intimidated by their exam preparation.

You are not taking the exam for the first time, you must have given many exams before so keep the exam anxiety away from your mind.

Students should think about their success in the exam and not about negative topics. To prepare well for the exam, it is important to avoid exam stress.

Trust your reading

During the examination, many students often think about the topics in which they are weak or which they have not studied. They think that the whole paper will come from only those topics which we have not studied. In this panic, they start forgetting what they have studied.

A student should have faith in himself that what he has studied…the paper will come from what he has read. You must have faith in your mind that my paper will be good. Have faith in what you have read and attempt the exam with a positive attitude.

Take care of health

It is very important to have proper health during examinations, otherwise, it is a simple matter that students will not be able to study.

Special attention should be paid to food and drink during the exam days.

Some things to keep in mind regarding health during the exam:-

During exams, you should eat light food so that you will avoid falling asleep early.
Avoid eating stale food. There is no fear of deterioration of health by eating fresh food.

Avoid eating fried and fried things during exam time.
Keep drinking water from time to time so that you will not get dehydrated.
You can eat dry fruits like almonds, walnuts to increase concentration during the exam.

If you drink tea, coffee, then reduce their consumption during the exam, otherwise, it can cause irritability, gas, acidity, etc.
Also, do not consume tea, coffee, etc. to stay awake for a long time. It can disturb the sleep schedule.

Importance of Writing

Although it does not matter that much how is your handwriting, still being good at handwriting in language subjects like Hindi, English is a plus point.

To clear the entire question paper in the exam, keep the handwriting speed such that you are able to attend to all the questions at the right time.

To improve handwriting speed, you should give regular school tests, pre-board exams. If your handwriting speed is good then you will be able to manage time in the exam better.

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Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping and waking up time should be right during the exam days. It should not happen that by taking too much pressure on yourself, you start studying too much so that you can not sleep on time and your study schedule gets disturbed.

Therefore, keeping your timetable correct, keep getting enough sleep even during the exam days.

How to get a better results in exams – Study Tips for Exam

  • Before starting the preparation for the exam, check your syllabus once.
    Take regular classes for all subjects.
  • Practice is very important in subjects like maths, physics, etc., so solve as many questions as you can.
  • If you do not understand any topic or question, then definitely discuss it with your subject teacher or classmates.
  • To top or get good marks in the exam, it is necessary to get good marks in all subjects, so try to give time to all the subjects.
  • While reading books or notes, make sure to underline the important topics so that they can be read easily during the exam.
  • Make sure to take a self-test of what you have studied in a week or 15 days interval.

During the exam, you should keep in mind that exams are an assessment of your knowledge and not the assessment of your whole life. Therefore, do not take much stress of examinations and prepare for the examination of positivity.

We hope this article on how to prepare for the exam will prove to be helpful for you. Do give feedback regarding this in the comment section. Best wishes to you for a bright future.

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