How to Top in Board Exam 2022

Every student gives many types of exams in his life but do you want to know how to study to top the exam or how to top the exam? These questions of yours have been answered in detail in this article that how you can become an exam topper in studies in a better way.

Nowadays almost all the exams have come in the race of competition and in this era if you do a smart study with hard work and focus by setting goals for the exam then getting high marks in the exam is not difficult.

If you get a good result in any examination, then it can prove to be very useful in the future, whether it is an examination or admission in any college. Especially to take admission in a good college in India, you need to top the exam i.e. pass with good marks in the exam, otherwise, you can’t get admission in that college.

Well, it is said that no work is difficult if you are determined. The same applies to exams, it’s not rocket science. If you have the urge to top the exam and are interested in studies, then you can easily do this work.

How to become topper in board exam

Any student can top the exam with the right plan and the right efforts. Let us know those study tips that will motivate you to study well and how to study to top the exam…

Study regularly

You must have noticed at one time or another that the student who studies regularly, performs well in class or any examination.

By reading regularly, a sitemap of studies is created in our mind, which motivates us to study, that is, reminds us to read.

Unless you do regular studies, it is not possible for you to understand the topics well.

Pro Tip – If you have not been able to study well throughout the year and want to do well in the exam then you can take the help of YouTube where you will get videos about almost every topic.

We can take an example of this in such a way that if you study regularly, then you face any problem related to studies, then you can ask your teacher about it in school or class, whereas if you study only for the exam. If you study hard day and night in time, then there will be no one to explain to you whatever problems will come for you and if you yourself spend more time in it, then you will not be able to cover any topic well.

Make time table

Any student who studies by making a schedule gets good results i.e. he gets good output for the things he has studied.

If possible, you should set aside hours for studies so that you can devote yourself to studies as much as possible in that time frame. This is the way that can help you to read and understand more and more things.

To top the exam, it is necessary to score well in all the subjects, so while making the timetable, keep in mind that in which subject you are weak, give a little more time so that you can prepare well for that too.

Time Management

Time is very powerful and it beats the good and that is why it is necessary to respect time.

In the exam also get a fixed time to complete a paper, so start managing time for yourself from the beginning.

Try to write down what you read and remember to understand time management. Apart from this, keep giving papers of the class test, pre-board, etc. With this, you will understand how much time it takes to attempt a question and why time management is important.

Have a Positive Thinking

To do any work and be successful in it, it is necessary to have positivity towards it.

If your aim is to top the exam and negative thoughts related to the exam are filled in your mind then it is not right. You have to remove your negativity.

Also, avoid the company of those students in your class who are having a bad impact on you and your studies. Positive thinking works like an energy booster, so even to top the exam, you have to make positive thinking towards your study, otherwise, you will harm yourself by negative thinking.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Other Students

There are many students who compare themselves with other students in the class and think that man he studies more than me and I am not able to read. Because of this, negativity gets filled in them and they are not able to study well.

You should study thinking that you are the best for yourself and only what you have studied will be useful for you in the exam. Instead of comparing yourself with another student, share your study problem with him and find a solution together.

Study attentively

Today the war ends with most of the students that they fall into the trap of the internet and smartphones and are unable to concentrate on their studies or even if they study, they study only for the sake of fulfillment and not by meditating.

Unless you study diligently and concentrate, then you will not be able to get the correct result, that is, you will not be able to remember the things studied well, so whenever you sit to study at the time of examination, keep the mobile in another room. Or switch it off so that your focus is only on the books.

Also, at the time of examination, keep in mind that whatever you are using mobile, do it as a learning attitude.

Avoid Exam Stress

When negative thoughts come to your mind about the examination, then the stress of examination starts dominating you and you are not able to study properly.

Therefore, it is better to focus on the preparation of the subjects than to get stressed about the unnecessary things about the exam.

If you are feeling too stressed about the exam then watch a video of a motivational speaker or take a good sleep which will refresh you completely. Keep in mind that exams are an evaluation of what you have studied and not your life.

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Solve Last Year Papers

To top the exam, it is important to know about the papers to appear in the exam. For this, you should solve the last year’s question papers.

Apart from this, if you want, there are many such books available in the market that provide you the final year’s question papers and model papers tailored to the exam, you can buy them and practice the paper before the exam.

Doing this will help you in time management of the paper in the exam and also know about the time taken to cover the paper well.

Stay Healthy

In the exam environment, students often do not take care of their health and get sick due to studying more. This will affect your studies and you will not be able to study, so eat light food during the exam and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Think if you get sick during the exam then it is your biggest loss, so taking care of your health should be your first priority.

Be Confident

Avoid panic during the exam. Read the question paper carefully and go on solving the question papers relying on what you have read. This will help you to score maximum marks on the question paper.


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