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How to open CNG Pump Dealership

How to open CNG Pump Dealership. As you know that petrol is getting expensive day by day and out of reach of common man, in such a situation, it is becoming very difficult to make petrol for those who travel all day in the market or away, in such a situation, the demand of CNG too The market is starting to be 2-3 times more than before.

People have started using CNG gas in their vehicles, demand for CNG gas is increasing day by day, in such a situation that an emerging big business model is being prepared.

If you have an amount, you had one and you want to invest it. This is a great opportunity in business. That you can start doing business by opening CNG pump. CNG pumps can be opened by anyone. Who has budget and land. Business can be a boon for him. This is one such business. Who daily connected with Marra. There is a business which will not stop for 12 months, this business is a regular income business.

If you want to do business, then this article contains all the information, you can start your business by reading it.

What is CNG Pump Dealership

what is cng pump business in hindi – CNG is a type of gas used to drive vehicles. Just like petrol pumps are open at various places for filling petrol. Similarly, CNG gas pumps are opening like petrol to run vehicles. CNG pump and electric charging point is an emerging very profitable business model. You have opportunities to do them nexgen energia limited company is offering to the whole country.
Also, cng gas generation plant, electric charging point, is also in their business plan, which you can do. This plan is that if someone wants to invest in his money and good business, which regularly makes you income. Thinking of doing this business.

So CNG’s plan can convert its desire into big business by doing business of electric charging point. Here You will be able to secure your money securely and in such a place from where your money will earn you money in return. Nexgen Energia Limited is looking for people who want to invest their money to give their franchisees across the country. They can start their business by taking their franchise.

How to open CNG Pump Dealership
How to open CNG Pump Dealership

Why should CNG Pump Business

why we do this cng pump business – If you want to invest your money in the right place. And want that you stay in one place and do some business that earns you millions of rupees. The government has also provided loans to carry out this business. Also, if you want to do this with the business company, then there is a provision for giving you a tax rebate for 5 years, subsidy from the government for 5 years, easy loan from banks. And other arrangements related to the company will be provided by the company.

Who can do business of CNG pump

Who could do cng gais pump business – There is no special degree of need to open a CNG pump from a very large family or homestead. You are a citizen of India. Or NRIs or any other business. So you can start your business by taking independent and franchisees to open CNG pump.

Nexgen Energia Limited has also launched plans such as CNG gas production plant, electric vehicle charging point, industrial high speed Diesel plant and has own CNG pump.

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How much investment will be made to start CNG petrol pump

• The budget that you should have to start a CNG pump should be an amount of about 75 lakh rupees, the setup of a petrol pump and the license money is also included under the rupees 7500000. In this money, you have to spend the license and other expenses related to the setup of the petrol pump.

• Also, if you have to take an electric vehicle charging plant, then you should have a budget of ₹ 30 lakhs, in this also the charging point is set up and the license fee is linked, you do not need to pay separately, your business start in this amount Will be done.

• Now it is the turn to take the diesel production point, for this you will have to invest two crore 99 lakh rupees, in this also the setup of the entire business and the cost of licensing by the company is aided CNG gas production business.

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• Brick making plant business will have to invest ₹ 30 lakh rupees, in which the cost of setting up the license and plant is also linked to this amount. You do not need to do this.

Here are all the nexgen energia limited ka business plan, those business plans have different rates and investment cost in front of you. Whatever business you want to start. Apply for it and keep the budget together Start your business business by connecting with the company.


How to get franchise

how to take CNG gas pump plant franchise You can contact direct email from the company at ya [email protected].

On this, all the information related to sending you will be provided, whatever your question and doubt are. Ask him directly from the company and also get the right information about the business. Once you understand the business plan completely, you must invest in it. Also read the terms and conditions, meaning the guidelines of the company.

If you want, you can also contact by giving a missed call to the company number. The company number is 7419502123 This is the official number of the company. On this, you can talk anytime by giving a missed call. Insert all the documents asked in the application on the company’s website or email and wait for your turn. The company will contact you within 1 week and tell you whether you have got the franchise or not.

Today, in our article, we learned and understood in detail the details of how to open a franchisee and how to open all the information about the CNG pump franchise business plan. This article is for those people. Those who have money and are eager to do business. But they do not know where to spend their cash and sweat. So that they can have a good business sitting in one place.

This business model can prove to be a boon for every man. The one who needs to do business wants to earn money. If you have liked this article, then share it with your friends too on social media. So that if anyone wants a solution to such a problem, then this article also has something to learn, and if he wants, he can try his hand.


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