Ekart Franchise Apply in Just 5 Min Best Way

Ekart Franchise
Ekart Franchise

How to apply for Ekart Franchise of Ekart Logistics How to apply for Ekart Franchise. Friend, are you also thinking of doing business in a stable and good income by investing money in a business which is less troublesome and there is no risk at all, then you are right Because we have brought such a business plan for you. Which has brought you a permanent business plan with an advantage and a high income, which business plan we are going to talk about today.

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It has to be known as Courier Services. This is a work that is happening in large numbers all over the country and is a business to meet the needs of every person. It is the job of giving income for twelve months of the year, so you have to know. Ekart business franchise business plan how to start loss profit everything in this article.

What is the Ekart franchise business?

what is Ekart franchise business – friend as we all know that nowadays there is a very runaway lifestyle. And time is becoming very precious. Every person is lacking the same thing nowadays.

Time in this part, in a long-distance, no one has time in life, everyone wants to take facilities sitting at home. To overcome this problem, big and intellectuals have created a courier facility to make the work easier.

What is business model – Ekart Franchise

what is business model – Ekart is a courier company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is an Indian courier company like Flipkart and amazon. Ecommerce companies sell similar buys. Similarly, ekart offers courier across the country. It has recently been purchased by Flipkart. Now they work together with Flipkart, who book 10 million shipments across the country and send courier to 3800 pincode postal address.

Now no company can stay in one place and provide its facility everywhere in the country. That is why they have opened their store branch in every small town in every state. The company, which has been named the franchisee, also makes its own retailer to courier across the country every day.

This means that franchisees are made to deliver the same to every corner of the country. Due to which supply exchange can be distributed. Anyone can apply to get a franchise if you have money, land and some people, you can start your business.

How to apply for Ekart Franchise
Ekart Franchise

How to get Ekart franchise

how to get Ekart franchise – To get a franchise, you have to contact the company. There is also an online facility. However, the company continues to advertise the business plan franchise associated with its company in the newspaper magazine. By looking at them, you can contact them by visiting the number and website link given above. You can apply by visiting this site, you can also read the entire policy of ekart franchise opportunities.

Also, you can ask your questions by contact number, whatever you want to know, everything about uncle Ji will help you in contact with the employees there in detail. And explain the business plan.

What is the need to start a Ekart franchise?

• As you know that to start someone, we have to invest money and then the income starts to invest. Brother, the story cannot begin without an investment. You must have an amount to take the eCart franchise.

• Also your ID-proof land documents, document for personal ID of the place where you want to do business.

• To start a business, you should have a big situation that you will use to use for the business office.

• Computer is the main need for some staff of electric devices for companion working. And by the way barcode scanner printer barcode scanner speaker etc.

How much does it take to start an ekart franchise opportunities?

• That whatever money is invested in it will only be related to the business and all that investment will remain with you. like

• To do courier service you will need a vehicle. The vehicle will be your nearest private one. You can also do other work from it.

• Colleagues will be required to deliver the same item.

• And office work will be required for office work and goods maintenance.

• Will you have the command of what is useful for you only. All the equipment that will be needed will be under your control.

• You can do other things from that as well. For example, you can use a computer scanner printer in your personal work.

• Now it comes to the land if the land is your own. So only his document paper id proof will be needed and will not cost too much money.

• And if you have to buy land or someone else to whom you have leased the lease, then for that you must sign the agreement on the agreement.

• And if you have to arrange more money. So, let us assume that you should have at least an amount of 15 to 20 lakhs.

• Out of which 5 to 6 lakh rupees will be exempted from the franchise fee, as well as 5 to 6 lakh rupees, will be used in office decoration setup and budget of 5 to 6 lakhs is required for other charges.

How to apply for Ekart Franchise
Ekart Franchise

Document for ekart franchise opportunities

To get the Ekart franchise, documents will be required such as
• ID proof you have
• In which Aadhar card is required to be Voter ID PAN card etc.
• Address proof such as ration card
• Even if there is an electricity bill.
• Bank account passbook will also have banking-related documents.
• Things like your email id phone number will be required.
• Partner to win as many IP numbers as you have
• And your financial condition information will have to be given to the computer.

So you have enough money for whatever business you are going to do. Not that documents related to the land will be needed. If you own the land. So all your papers will have to be taken from your land or rent. So it must be signed. The agreement does not mean the owner or the owner of the rented land. Therefore legally, the owner of the land has to note in the paper, meaning no objection certificate.

How to earn income with Ekart Franchise Opportunities

After talking about the complete business model, there was the main thing, now you will have one thing again and again. What are the means of the last earning? The company determines the charge through all the channels. Per delivery is the percentage.
According to this, the company is fixed by the franchisee. For more information, you have to know the company website by going to the company’s number. Where you will get all the details explained with ease, you can ask your very company without any hesitation. For this, you will have to contact the company website or contact number.

Complete information of company of Ekart company address

• Company’s website is http//:www.ekartlogistics.com/, you can go online and read the policy of Ekart Franchise Opportunities the company and also contact them.
• Talking about the address, its headquarters is headquartered in Bengaluru Karnataka India.
• Complete Address Brigade Mania Court 1st Floor No 111 Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangli, 560095, Karnataka India
Branches all over India Other branches Ekart ki Other regions of the country
Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh in North India
Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka itself in the South,
Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan in West India
Tripura Ra Meghalaya Mizoram Assam Arunachal Nagaland Sikkim, Odisha, Bengal, etc. in East India
Madhya Pradesh Jharkhand Bihar Chhattisgarh in Central Area

And in the Union Territory, Ponducher Lakhdeep has kept its Ekart Franchise branch on record in Jammu and Kashmir Daman and Deep places. From where your business courier service is reaching every corner of the country. Do this business and do business on your own and also benefit people.
Want to do business with. So there is a very good opportunity for you, which you do not waste time by going to the company’s website or talking to the contact number and start the business. And I wish you a good businessman and live a good life.

Friends, today we have told you in detail about the business plan information about their business franchise, how and how to start it. That you liked the article. Share it with your friends on social media. So that if he wants to do any business. So, after reading Ekart Franchise Opportunities, It also indicated something new and if you have any questions or questions related to Ekart Franchise Opportunities, then you can ask it through your comment.


  1. I am very interested to start e kart franchise at my town .My pincode is 689573 . Now franchise is more than 15 km apart.so the somany complaints arising against the deliveries.In this district franchise are more than 40km apart .They have enough delivery so they delay the distinct and rural area I wish to start from this city because the orders incraese to flipcart I can grow with them.I suggest kuttanadu thaluk 15 km arial distance not affecting other e kart franchise deliveries and company can done door step deliveries in rural areas very promptly
    I am financially sound to make the requirements
    I have enough building area and vehicles

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