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As you all know that at this time E-Shram Cards are being made by the Government in all the states, you can do an E-Shram card online sitting at your home for free. But whenever you go to the website to apply for an E-Shram card, you are asked for an NCO code, people have many questions regarding the NCO code and also people do not have their right NCO code. know |

Due to which they are facing a lot of trouble in filling the form and those who are filling the form are getting their form wrong due to the NCO code. So in today’s post, we are going to tell you all that how you can find the NCO code of your work and will also provide a list that you can easily download on your mobile phone and you will find it here. NCO codes will be available with the help of which you can easily find your NCO code and after that, you will not have to face any problem in getting your labor card made.

So friends, let us, first of all, know what is e-shram card? And after that, we will know how can we get e-shram card made? So first of all you should know that the e-Shram Portal (e-Shram Portal) was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India on August 26, 2021, where the workers of the unorganized sector got their registration done by e-Shram Card (E-Shram Card). e-Shram card) / (Labour Card) can be created. And about forty crore workers will benefit from this scheme. This e-shram card/labor card will be known as the UAN card.

What Is E-Shram Portal

The Government of India has started an e-Shram to create a national database of unorganized workers, which will be linked with your Aadhaar. It will contain details of name, occupation, address, educational qualification, skill set, family, etc. so as to make optimum use of their employable potential and extend the benefits of social security schemes to them. This is the first such national database of unorganized workers including migrant workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, etc.

As you all know that government employees are given many benefits by the government. There are schemes like EPF and ESIC for private employees who work in the organized sector ie any company, organization, etc. But workers in the unorganized sector like auto drivers, housebuilders, road workers, laborers, household workers, crores of workers working in agriculture who do not have any fixed employment. Now Mazdoor Card / E Shramik Card e-Shram Card / Labor Card has been brought for them. Those who have this card will be given many benefits.

What is Mazdoor Card / E-Shram Card

E-shram card will be a database of laborers working in the unorganized sector. Through which the government will be able to decide how many laborers are going to do what particular work. Due to which various types of government schemes will be launched for them.

At present, more than 15 government schemes and employment schemes are being given to the e-Shram cardholders by the government, in which more schemes will be added in the future. That is why laborers, workers of the unorganized sector who do not have EPF or ESIC card, who is not government employee, can make this card themselves from CSC or e-shram portal.

Who can register in e-shram portal

Anyone who fulfills the following conditions can register on the portal:

an unorganized worker.

  • Whose age are between 16-59 years.
  • Should not be a member of EPFO/ESIC or NPS (Govt funded).

Who is the unorganized laborer?

Any worker who is a home-based-worker, self-employed worker, or wage earner in the unorganized sector, including a worker in the organized sector who is not a member of ESIC or EPFO ​​or who is not a Government employee, is unorganized called worker.

Documents required for registration?

  • aadhar number
  • aadhar linked mobile number
  • Bank account number with IFSC code
  • Own basic information like name, address, occupation etc.

Note: If any worker does not have his/her Aadhar link mobile number, then he/she can get registered with his/her nearest CSC/SSK or through Ometric verification.

e-Shram Card Apply Online

So let us know that how can you apply for e-sharm card by yourself, friends, believe me, applying e-sharm card is very promising, just you have to follow the steps given by us and we will support you. We are also giving a video below, where we have shown the complete step in the video, so you can also watch it and apply from Asani, so let’s start.

  • Go to the E-shram portal. (click here)
  • Now a page will open in front of you, in which enter the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card and fill the captcha.
  • If you are a member of EPFO ​​/ ESIC, then yes, otherwise click on no.
  • Now click on send OTP.
  • Now an OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card.
  • Now a new page will open on which fill OTP and submit.
  • Now you have to give your Aadhar number. After accepting the term and condition, click on send OTP.
  • Now an OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar linked mobile bar. After which you have to click on the validate button.
  • Now all the data related to your Aadhaar, your name, photo etc. will be displayed automatically. Below you have to click on the option of Agree.
  • Now click on confirm and enter other detail.
  • Now you have come to the section of your personal details. Where your mobile number is already entered.
  • You have to fill options like a different mobile number, email id, marital status, your caste, blood group, disability.
  • Now you have to give your full address, for how many years have you been living at that address. It is to feel.
  • If you have gone to work in any other state, then you are a migrant worker, then yes, otherwise click on NO. And click on save and continue.
  • Now fill your education and if you want, upload the relevant document or leave it blank.
  • Select your monthly income and click on save and continue.
  • Now you have to select your work and skill.
  • Now you have to give years of work experience.
  • Now you have to tell from where you have taken your work experience.
  • After this, if you want to take the training provided by the government, then select it and click on save and continue.
  • Now fill your bank details. Save and continue.
  • Whatever information you have given so far. Its full details are available, click on I understand below and submit.
  • Now an OTP will come again on your Aadhar link mobile, fill it, verify and confirm.
  • Now you can download the e-shram card and get the print out.

Friends, here is the video, by watching which you can apply for your e-sharm card.


The Government of India has launched a portal named e-shram and at this time this card is being made very fast. So let us know what is the advantage of this E-Shram card. So let us tell you that under this scheme the data of all the laborers of the country will be sent to the central government and all the working class people will be given e-shram card. All the laborers of the country will have to apply for this through the official website. So such people who fall in the below given labor category. They have to apply under it as soon as possible.

So let us be told that with the help of this card, many benefits will be provided to all of you laborers by the central government. So let us give you this information in detail today, through this card, what are the benefits you will get from the central government.

So let us know that what are the benefits of e-shram card to you from this card.

1:- As you all know that the Government of India keeps on bringing many schemes for all of you and there are many such schemes of the Government of India in which they also help you financially, but the government does not have your correct details. Because of being Those people are not able to give direct financial help to the app and those who are in the middle of this work, those people eat money from the middle, due to which the help you need to get is not available.

2:- If we talk about the other benefits, then if you get E Shram Card made, then you are also given security insurance up to 2 lakh (PMSBY) under the Prime Minister’s Security Insurance Scheme, for this you will get 12 rupees. Annually or you can say that 1 rupee per month is charged or deducted from your account.

3:- If the same thing should be done, then the main objective of the Government of India is to give direct benefits to the public.

4:- As you all know that you live in India and you also have an identity and that identity is from Aadhar card, in the same way, for the identification of laborers, the Government of India is making UAN card i.e. E Shram card. Due to which you will have an identity in the working class and the government will know what you are doing.

5: – As we have told you in the above line that what you do less, the government will also know, with the help of which the government will also give you a job, so let’s understand this: – Like someone from the government in your village If less is going on and your work is also the same then the government will ask you for that less, if you want to do it then you will be kept in that low.

6:- If ever all of you have any problem due to Prakrit like covid or sometime dry or something else then you will get direct benefit at that time that means if you send money to your account then you will get direct I will get

How To Download E Sharm Card 

  • To download e-shram card, you have to first go to its official website.
  • Where you have to complete its registration through Aadhar link phone number and Aadhar card.
  • After completing the registration, an OTP will be sent to your Aadhar link phone number.
  • which you have to verify.
  • After verifying the OTP, the application form will open in front of you to apply for e-shram card.
  • In which you will be asked for some necessary information.
  • After filling all the required information correctly, you have to submit the form.
  • After submitting the form, you will see the option to download the e-shram card.
  • By clicking on which you have to download your e-shram card.

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