Class 12th English – Syllabus And Sample Paper 2022

Hello Students You’re Most Welcome to Our Class Today We’ll Talk about how you can gain maximum marks in Class 12th English.

This Article is Only for those students who follow NCERT books and prefer to study with their textbooks. So, Without wasting time we are going to see the Syllabus Of your English Book i.e. Flamingo And Vistas. We Will Also Talk About Novel Book.

English Class 12th Syllabus

So, If you are a student of CBSE You need to Go Term Wise Syllabus and if you are a student of the State Board You will go Complete the Syllabus.

So student if you belong to the CBSE board then you will have to give term wise exam. But if you belong to the state board then I will give the syllabus to you from the state board just below it, then you can read it from there also. And you can earn your maximum marks.

English Term Wise Syllabus – CBSE 12th

So as you are a student of CBSE, you must know that this time CBSE has come out with a new rule of term exam, in which you will be taking an exam by dividing it into two different parts.

Reading Comprehension – Section A

Talking about Reading Comprehension, you will get to see two passages where one passage will be unseen and one will be a case-based passage. You will see these in both terms.

If you want to get a better education and want to get very good marks in it, then I am referring you to some sample books below, you can definitely go and see them.

In this you will get 8 marks for unseen passage and 6 marks for case-based passage, the total you are going to get 14 marks in this section.

Creative Writing Skills – Section B

So in Student Creative Writing Skill, you are given two tasks, where there is a short writing task and a long writing task. Out of this, you have to make one in the long.

Short writing task – TERM WISE

In the short writing task, you have to write notice writing and classified advertisement in term one.

In the same term two, you have to write a formal or informal invitation card or reply to an invitation.

Long Writing Tasks – TERM WISE

The student you in long writing task-

In term one, you have to write a letter to an editor from whatever suggestion has been given or whatever opinion you want to write in the public interest? Along with this, an article has to be written in it.

If you talk about term two, then you have to write a letter of application for the job and also write a report rating.

In this, in the shot rating task, you will get 3 numbers in term 1st, 3 numbers in term 2nd. Whereas in the long writing task, you get 5 numbers in term 1st and 5 numbers in term 2nd.

That is, in this creative writing skill, you get a total of 8 marks in term 1st and a total of 8 marks in term 2nd.


In literature, you are asked questions from the book in both term one and term two, where you have to answer them. So let us know which chapter questions are going to come in term and term two.

Term 1st

Book- Flamingo (Prose)

  • The Last Lesson
  • Lost Spring
  • Deep Water

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

  • My Mother at Sixty-Six
  • An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
  • Keeping Quiet

Book-Vistas (Prose)

  • The Third Level
  • The Enemy

Term 2nd

Book-Flamingo (Prose)

  • The Rattrap
  • Indigo

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

  • A Thing of Beauty
  • Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Book-Vistas (Prose)

  • Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
  • On the Face of It
  • Evans Tries an O Level

English Syllabus – CBSE 12th

Friends, if you belong to the state board and you may not have a term wise exam on your board, but if you are not a student of term voice exam then all of the above. Granted, you have to read it.

Download Syllabus – PDF LINK

So friends, the book you have to read is Flamingo and there is a book which is used for supplementary purposes.

Which is called Vistas. So if you want to buy both of these books or want to buy their related book, then you must go to the search below and search the book.

How To Write In English Exam

So students, let us know what are the things to keep in mind to bring you the top marks, that too while writing the English exam.

First of all, you have to write those questions which are shown to you in the third section. That is, you have to answer all the questions of NCRT Books first, after which you have to proceed, that is to complete the writing section in writing section B.

If you have any questions about the English subject then you can mail us. Our mail id [email protected]

Class 12th English sample paper

SubjectSample Paper 2022Marking Scheme 2022
English Core Click Here Click Here
English Elective Click Here Click Here
  • After downloading the sample paper, you can also take its printout.
  • Students try to solve one paper set every day.
  • Before answering the questions, remember the marking scheme. Don’t waste too much time on questions of lesser marks.
  • Before solving the sample question paper, set the time limit and follow the same
  • Do not look at the answers while solving the sample paper. First, answer all the questions and only then check the answer.
  • Try to solve the question paper in time.
  • Re-read the topic in which you think you are weak and then solve the next sample question paper.
  • If you have been asked to draw a table or a picture in any question, then keep this in mind.
  • After solving the question paper completely, check and analyze your answers.

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