Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021 – In order to promote proper growth and milking capacity of animals, they need to be given proper nutritious Cattle Feed. India is one of the largest and fastest-growing compound feed markets. Feed manufacturing started commercially and scientifically in our country India around 1965 in northern and western India. During this period medium-sized feed plants were established for their manufacturing.

If we talk about Cattle Feed, it is mainly used to meet the dietary needs of dairy cattle so that proper production can be possible from them. Although earlier the poultry sector did not originate and the eggs were produced through the backyard method through indigenous birds. With the passage of time, the feed industry has expanded to other industries as well.

Therefore, it is increasing continuously and there is a possibility of increasing demand for it in the next decade also. This feed industry in India is growing at the rate of 8% CAGR per year, for such feed demand, the poultry, aqua, and dairy industries are responsible. According to one figure, only 20.3 million tonnes of Cattle Feed was produced in the financial year 2012-13 which was a very low quantity of the total feed required.

As this type of industry is becoming more and more organized, more opportunities are becoming available in this sector and it is estimated that India may become the largest feed market in the coming few years. Although the animal feed market can be broadly divided into three segments, Poultry, Cattle and Aqua comprise 55% share of Poultry Feed, 14% Aqua Feed and 11% Cattle Feed. Although this type of feed production is highly fragmented it is usually made by custom mixing at home.

Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021
Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

Animal feed industry cattle feed Business

Although we have also talked about the animal feed industry and market in the above sentences, so it becomes very important to talk about the dairy feeding system here. If we talk about animal husbandry in India, then the rearing of milch animals on a small scale in rural areas is based on grazing in natural fields. Due to which animals are able to get green food but they do not get food rich in nutrients.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for an entrepreneur wanting to start Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business to have knowledge of the dairy feeding systems.

Usually, buffaloes or other cattle are fed straw and stovers of wheat, paddy, Bajra, sugarcane, and other cereals. Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021 These are also supplemented with hay available for grazing and animals fed very little or limited concentrated feed. According to the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), six types of major livestock feeding systems are adopted in India.

  1. Dry Fodder + Compound Feed + Concentrate Food
  2. Dry Fodder + Green Fodder + Compound Feed + Concentrate Food
  3. Green Fodder + Homemade Concentrate Mix + Concentrate Feed
  4. Green Fodder + Compound Feed + Concentrate Food
  5. Silage + Dry Fodder + Concentrate Food
  6. Silage + Compound Feed + Concentrate Food

How to start animal feed ( Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021 )

Cattle Feed Manufacturing is an agro-based business, so many schemes have been run by the government to encourage this type of business. Therefore, before starting this type of business, the entrepreneur should try to gather information about the schemes launched by that particular state or central government to encourage.

So that the entrepreneur can plan to start his business on the same basis. Let us know what steps an entrepreneur may need to take to start this type of business Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021.

Management of land (land and building for animal feed production)

To start a Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur not only needs land but also the land, machinery, equipment, raw material, license and registration, labor, etc. may also be required. If the entrepreneur has any non-cultivable land of his own, then the entrepreneur can also establish his unit by starting the construction work in that land.

But if it is not so, then the entrepreneur can set up such a unit by taking a building for rent. As far as the suitable land for starting this business is concerned, it will depend on the production capacity of the unit, approximately how much land, etc. will be required to set up the unit. But it is certain that the entrepreneur not only needs space for the workplace but also needs space for storerooms, power utilities, and generator sets besides setting up a small office.

In this way, the entrepreneur may require at least 800-1200 Square Feet of space in total. Since farmers, livestock farmers, dairy farming entrepreneurs, etc. are living as customers of the entrepreneur in this business, so Cattle Feed Manufacturing Business can be started from anywhere in both rural and urban areas.

Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021
Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

2. Required license and registration

Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021 – By the way, since it is a business related to agriculture, there is no need for any license and registration in the initial phase for Cattle Feed Manufacturing. But if the entrepreneur wishes, he can operate his business by registering it as a proprietorship. As far as GST registration is concerned, its exemption limit is higher for some agriculture-related businesses but the entrepreneur can get voluntary registration done if he wants.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur may also need a trade license, etc. from the local authority. In order to control the quality of this product, the Bureau of Indian Standards has set certain standards, so it is absolutely necessary that the production of this product conforms to these standards. IS 2052‐ 1975 for animal compound feed and IS 1664‐ 1981 for mineral mixture supplement cattle feed.

3. Machinery and raw material management

Many types of equipment and machinery are used in Cattle Feed Manufacturing, so before purchasing them, the entrepreneur should get quotations from various machinery suppliers. And then do a comparative analysis of them and only then choose a good supplier. Following is a list of some of the major machinery and equipment used in this business.

  • mixer machine
  • grinding machine
  • crumbly
  • screening machine
  • pelletizing machine
  • laboratory equipment
  • Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

Raw material list

  • wheat bran
  • Ground Nut Extraction
  • rice bran
  • Maize
  • Mustard Cake
  • Khand
  • calcium carbonate
  • Mineral mix and vitamin mix
  • Soy De Oiled Cake
  • Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

The above method can also be adopted for appointing a supplier of raw materials.

Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021
Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021

4. Start Cattle Feed Manufacturing

Cattle Feed is manufactured by using the desired amount of nutrients suitable for the health of cattle and by mixing them as raw material. In this manufacturing process, the raw materials are first ground one by one i.e. individually.

And then it is put into the mixer machine for mixing so that the stirrer can get a homogeneous mixture. And after homogeneous mixing, this mixture is sent to the pulverizing machine to be pulverized. The mixture is then passed through a screening machine to obtain the required particles in the process. And only after that is Khand etc. is added to its Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021.

Now when the animal feed is ready, after that it is sent to the laboratory to check whether it has been produced according to the Bureau of Indian Standard or not. And only after passing the test, Cattle Feed is sent to be sold in the market Best Cattle Feed Business Idea 2021.

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