Best Nail Polish Manufacturing Business in 2021

If we talk about Nail Polish, it is the most common item in women’s decorative items, it is also known as Nail Varnish or Nail Enamel. It can also be called a type of lacquer, which is used by women to decorate and protect the nails of their hands and feet. Its formulation is repeatedly processed by nail-polish manufacturers to enhance its decorative effect.

Although it is made with different qualities by different brands, it is usually made from a mixture of organic polymers and many other components. Nail polish is used by women of almost all income groups, so this business can also be a very profitable business from the point of view of earning. So today we are trying to know about the business of making nail polish through this article of ours.

Nail Polish Manufacturing Business
Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

Types of nail polish (Types of nail polish):

Some of the major types of Nail Polish are as follows.

1. Base Coat:

This type of nail polish comes with a clear milky or opaque pink polish formula. Which is specially applied before applying nail polish to the nails. The purpose of using a base coat on nails is to strengthen them, restore moisture to the nails, and enhance the color of the nail polish.

So that the color of the polish on the nails does not fade, and the manicure on the nails lasts longer than without a base coat. Some base coats are marketed as ridge fillers which can reduce the number of ridges, etc. in nails and establish a smooth surface. Some base coats called peel-off base coats help to remove nail polish from the nails without a remover.

2. Top Coat:

If we talk about this type of nail-polish, then it is a clear colored polish formula that is specially used after applying nail polish to the nails. This topcoat acts as a strong barrier for the nails which can protect them from problems like chipping, scratching, etc. Many such top coats are marketed as quick drawing.

With the help of a top coat, the underlying colored polish dries quickly and it not only gives a good look to the nail polish on the nails but also helps in staying on the nails for a long time.

3. Gels:

If we talk about gel polish, then it is a long-lasting variety of nail polish made from methacrylate polymer. It is painted on the nails in the same way as traditional nail polish, but it does not dry. Rather it is corrected under ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet LED.

If we talk about regular nail polish, then it remains in the nails for two to seven days, whereas after applying gel polish, if the nails are properly taken care of, then it can stay on the nails for two weeks. So gel polish can be more difficult to remove from nails than regular nail polish. The nails need to be soaked in pure acetone for five to fifteen minutes to remove the gel polish from the nails.

4. Matte Polished (Matte) :

If we talk about matte polish, then it is like regular polish, but its color is not shiny but dull. It can be bought as a regular base coat in various colors. Matte Nail-Polish can also be found in the topcoat. A matte topcoat is used to paint over the dry base color to give it a distinct look. This will dull the color and shine of a regular base coat, which has become very popular ever since it was used in nail art applications.

Nail Polish Manufacturing Business
Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

How to start nail polish manufacturing

Although the machinery and equipment used in Nail Polish Manufacturing can be easily purchased for Rs. 2-3 lakhs. But the truth is that this business will not start just by buying machinery and equipment, but to start this business, the entrepreneur will also need an effective business plan, land and building, license and registration, and employees. So next in this article let us know how a person can start his own nail polish-making business.

1. business plan (draw up a business plan for nail-polish manufacturing)

A business plan can also be called a business plan in more simple language, it is a written document. In which the entrepreneur has to mention all the necessary information related to his Nail Polish Manufacturing Business. In this, the estimated cost of starting this business to the estimated earnings is also mentioned.

Apart from this, where the entrepreneur wants to see his business after a certain time, and what he needs to do to reach there, all this information is well mentioned in the business plan. Perhaps this is the reason that only after reading this business plan, an investor is able to agree to invest in that particular business. Apart from this, it is also helpful in getting loans from banks or other financial institutions.

2. land and building

As far as land and building are concerned, the entrepreneur may require around 600-700 Square Feet for Nail Polish Manufacturing. That is because apart from the workplace, the entrepreneur will also need to segregate this space for offices, generator rooms, warehouses, etc.

If the entrepreneur has his own land then it is fine otherwise he needs to get all kinds of formalities like a rent agreement, lease agreement, etc. Rent more space or building at such a place, where there is proper arrangement of electricity, water, roads, etc.

3. License & Registration

Following licenses and registration may be required to start Nail-Polish Manufacturing Business.

  • First of all, the entrepreneur has to register his business with the Registrar of Companies, if the entrepreneur wants, he can register as a proprietorship in the initial phase.
  • Entrepreneur will also need GST registration.
  • Local authority like Municipal Corporation, Municipality etc. can be approached for factory or trade license.
  • Since it is a cosmetic product, drug and cosmetic license will also be required for its manufacture.
  • If the entrepreneur wants, he can also do Udyog Aadhar and MSME Data Bank registration of his business.
  • For NOC and Brand from Fire Department trademark registration may also be required.
Nail Polish Manufacturing Business
Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

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4. Machinery & Raw Materials

If we talk about Nail Polish making machines, they are used to make nail polish from different types of raw materials. With the help of these machines, the entrepreneur can easily do all the processes like mixing, filling, and packaging. Some of their lists are as follows.

  • Dilizer Tank
  • mixer machine
  • filler machine
  • packaging machine

Before buying machinery for this business, the entrepreneur should ask for quotations from different suppliers and do their comparative analysis. And the supplier whose quotation is good should be selected only. The list of raw materials used in this business includes the following:

  • nitro cellulose
  • solvent
  • resins
  • Antioxidants
  • pigment

Manganese violet is generally used as a common pigment in Nail Polish Manufacturing. Apart from this, the entrepreneur may also need to employ three to four employees.

5. Start Nail Polish Manufacturing:

Although ever since the trend of making nail polish started, many methods have been used for its manufacture. Today, if we talk about those methods, then they are seen as amateur methods. One method was to mix clean scraps of movie film and other cellulose with alcohol and castor oil and then soak the mixture overnight in a covered container. Then this mixture became colored and fragrant.

But today, this method is not used to make whatever Nail Polish we see in the markets. Because the current manufacturing process uses skilled labor, advanced machinery, and robotics. Because currently, the customer’s expectations have changed with nail polish, they need good, beautiful-looking, strong, and attractive nail polish, while many customers also need a polish that can be easily removed from the nails.

In addition, the polish should also be dermatologically compatible from the point of view of safety. The nail polish manufacturing process involves mixing pigments with nitrocellulose and plasticizers and then adding other ingredients. And then it is sent for checking for quality control.

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