Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021

If we talk about Honey Bee Farming, Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021 it may not have been a long time since it started commercially, but collecting and collecting honey from the forests has been in existence since ancient times. Honey bees convert the honey of flowers into honey and store that honey in the combs of the hive.

The increasing demand for honey in the market clearly indicates that beekeeping can emerge as a profitable enterprise at present. If we talk about the products produced from Honey Bee Farming, then honey and honey wax are two major products produced from it, so any entrepreneur or farmer can start this agro-based business to get extra income. This business or beekeeping is a traditional occupation done for the purpose of producing honey.

As far as honey is concerned, due to its many industrial and domestic uses, its demand is increasing continuously in the national and international markets. By starting this business, farmers are not only earning money by selling the products produced from it, honey and honey wax, but also the agricultural productivity increases due to the process of pollination caused by beekeeping. There is no doubt that most of the traditional agriculture has been done in our country India and after suffering continuous losses in them, the farmers have moved towards Honey Bee Farming.

That is also because beekeeping can be used as an important input agent for maximizing agricultural production. According to one figure, 80% of crop plants need to receive pollen from other plants of the same species with the help of external agents and this task is easily done by bees. Therefore, such farmers who want to start Beekeeping Business, first need to get training related to this business. Typically a bee colony consists of a queen, hundreds of drones, and thousands of workers.

And in these, there is a division of labor and specialization to perform different functions. Bees build such nests with wax in their hives called live combs and these combs are secreted by worker bees from their wax glands. They use their cells to rear thin brood and store food, so honey accumulates in the upper part of the comb. Below the comb are lines of pollen storage cells, worker brood cells, and drone brood cells.

There are also some species of bees that build a single comb in the open and others build several combs in the dark cavity. If farmers want, they can do Honey Bee Farming not only to get honey, honey wax, or gel but also for pollination so that their agricultural productivity increases. However, which method should be adopted for beekeeping depends on the type of bee, the skills, and the resources available to the beekeeper.

Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021
Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021

species of bee (species of bee)

Typically a bee colony consists of a queen, hundreds of drones, and thousands of worker bees, so a colony can have three species of bees or more. In this, the queen is a fertile bee that can give birth to other bees. And drone bees are male bees while worker bees are sterile bees that are unable to give birth to other bees. The following is a list of some of the major species of bees.

  • Indian Hive B
  • rock b
  • little bee
  • European and Italian Bee
  • Dammer Bee or Stingless Bee

Things to note before starting beekeeping Tips before starting beekeeping

An entrepreneur starting Honey Bee Farming needs to keep some things in mind before starting this business. That is to say that the entrepreneur may need to take some necessary steps before starting this type of business, whose list is as follows.

  • Before starting beekeeping, the entrepreneur needs to understand the relationship between humans and bees. Therefore, in the area where you want to start this business, get involved with bees and try to know about them practically.
  • If the entrepreneur has no prior experience working with bees, the entrepreneur should work with local entrepreneurs or farmers already doing honey bee farming. And every effort should be made to get every information related to beekeeping management from them.
  • After the entrepreneur becomes familiar with the local bee and human relationships, then the entrepreneur should consider adopting better methods and then make an effective plan for using the equipment and selling the products.
  • Entrepreneur should start beekeeping with at least two hives in the initial stage and its progress should be compared with the development of other hives.
  • While planning the project, set realistic goals and start with small scale in the initial phase and when you gain experience in Honey Bee Farming then you can consider big projects also.
  • However, what equipment can be used in this project generally depends on the local situation. Therefore, it is very important for the entrepreneur to assess in advance what species of bees should be reared in that area, what equipment should be used.
  • The equipment used in beekeeping plays an important role in the success of such a project. So if the entrepreneur identifies such people in that area who are capable of making equipment for this business then it is nothing less than a success for him.
  • Entrepreneurs doing Honey Bee farming business should identify a local agent for the sale of products in advance, apart from this, they can also be associated with other entrepreneurs doing Beekeeping business for marketing these products. Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies, local bakers, candy makers, etc. can be big customers for honey.
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how to start beekeeping?

Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021
Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021

Although Honey Bee Farming is an agro-based business, therefore, there is an opinion in the general society for agriculture-related businesses that any person can start them easily, whether he has experience and knowledge or not. But it is not true that it is absolutely necessary for the entrepreneur to have proper knowledge of it to start Beekeeping Business. So let us know how a person can start his own beekeeping business.

1. Get Training of Honey Bee Farming

As we have already told that the entrepreneur who starts Honey Bee farming needs to get technical knowledge and experience of this business. Therefore, the entrepreneur should work with the farmers or entrepreneurs already doing beekeeping in that area for a few months and must collect all the information related to this business.

As far as training is concerned, the entrepreneur can contact his local agriculture department or any agricultural university to take training in this business. Necessary. The entrepreneur will be able to get all this knowledge only when he gets practical knowledge of it after getting training from the local agriculture department or agricultural university.

2. Select site for beekeeping

The site selected for starting Honey Bee Farming should be dry without any moisture. High levels of RH affect bee flight and honey ripening. It is essential to have a natural or artificial source of clean water at the site. Trees act as wind belts in colder regions. The beehive can be placed under the shade of trees or artificial structures can be constructed to provide shade.

It is meant to say that if a site is selected by the entrepreneur for Honey Bee farming where there is an abundance of trees, then he can keep the bee hives under the trees in the shade. Plants that produce pollen and honey for bees are called pastures or floras. Therefore, such a site may be suitable for Honey Bee Farming where there are a large number of plants producing pollen or honey.

3. build or buy equipment (equipment for beekeeping)

Different geographical conditions may require different equipment for Honey Bee Farming. Therefore, the entrepreneur can find out which equipment will prove to be right for the entrepreneur from the local beekeepers, although the list of some equipment is as follows.

  • Thick and Thin Bee Keeping Brush
  • stainless steel knife
  • L shaped and curved hive tools made of stainless steel and iron
  • Queen Cage Made from Food Grade Plastic
  • queen gate
  • hive gate
  • Honey Extractor
  • smoker
  • queen excluder
  • Pollen Trap
  • be boxes
  • Bee Wax Sheet
  • uncapping tray
  • propolis bandage
  • Royal Jelly Production and Extraction Kit
  • queen rearing kit
  • bee venom collector

4. manage pollination

As we all know very well that bees make honey by taking pollen and honey from plants, so to maintain the energy of the bees, the entrepreneur needs to keep the bee hives near such a field from where they can come from the plants. Pollen and honey can be easily obtained. It is advisable to establish a bee colony in such areas where there is at least a 10% flower area.

Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021
Start Best beekeeping Business in India 2021

An entrepreneur or farmer starting Honey Bee Farming should also keep in mind that if the species of bee is Italian, then three colonies can be kept per hectare and if the bees are of Indian species then five colonies per hectare can be established. Huh. There are many crops that benefit greatly from bee pollination, their list is as follows.

  • Among fruits and nuts, almonds, apples, apricots, peaches, strawberries, citrus and litchis are crops that benefit from bee pollination.
  • Vegetables include cabbage, cilantro, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, cantaloupe, onions, pumpkin, radishes and turnips.
  • Among oilseed crops, sunflower, mustard, safflower, niger, rape seeds, gingeli etc. are the crops benefiting from Honey Bee Farming.
  • Apart from this, fodder seed crops like lucerne, clover etc. are also included in this list.

5. Keep bees and produce free from pests and diseases

If the entrepreneur expects good earnings from his honey bee farming business, then there is no doubt that both his product and the organisms producing the product should be safe. Therefore, the entrepreneur should try his best to keep them away from pests and diseases, usually, wax moths, ants, wasps, wax beetles, birds, trachea mites, parasitic mites, varroa destroyers, bee mites, brood mites, etc. are common pests.

And as far as diseases found in Beekeeping are concerned, Nosema disease, European foul-brood disease, American foulbrood, Sacrobod disease (SBV), Thai sacbrood virus (TSBV), Chalkbrood disease and Stone brood disease, etc. . Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to take steps in advance for the control of these pests and diseases, that is, the entrepreneur can contact the local agriculture department to solve them.

7. Harvest products

Honey, Bee Wax, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom, Propolis, and Pollen are prominent among the products produced by Honey Bee Farming. Harvesting products in traditional and top bar hives require the entrepreneur to select a comb that contains honey and is covered with a thin layer of white bee wax and is very close to the outer side of the nest. Honey is extracted from the only and only Super Comb with the help of Honey Extractor Equipment.

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