HealthHairfall Rescue - STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week

Hairfall Rescue – STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week

Causes and treatment of hair loss ( Hairfall Rescue). Want to stop hair fall and grow your hair need to do this thing you never know A simple Hairfall Rescue.

Hair loss and hair thinning are two problems that almost everyone has today. Then, whether the person is a man or a woman or a child or an elderly person, today more than 25% of the men get hair fall before 21 years. And more than 45% of women have problems like hair loss. So let’s know. About the 6 reasons for which this problem occurs.

Hairfall Rescue - STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week
Hairfall Rescue – STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week

1. Heat damages hair – Hairfall Rescue

The heat spoils your hair. Whatever form it may be, whether you are bathing with hot water or you are standing in very strong sunlight or you use tools like a hair dryer for hair, then stop it immediately.

2. Use of chemical items in hair – Hairfall Rescue

Do your soaps or shampoos contain harmful chemicals. If there is. So change your shampoo or soap immediately, such chemical hairs are a big reason for fall.

3. Stop Using Child Producers – Hairfall Rescue

If you use hair products, then stop using them as much as you can and even if you use them, wash your head well at bedtime and sleep at night.

4. Stop rubbing wet hair – Hairfall Rescue

Many people have a habit. That he rubs his head very vigorously while taking bath or after bathing, which causes pressure on the hair. And the hair roots become weak. So if you do, don’t do it

5. Tie the hair very tightly – Hairfall Rescue

By tying the hair too tightly, the roots of the hair also become weak. Due to which problems like hair loss start coming.

6. Tension – Hairfall Rescue

If you keep stress, then it also causes problems like hair loss and hair thinning. Because hair has its own life cycle. It is like a lithium ion battery. The more tension you take, the more you will be discharged.

Hairfall Rescue - STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week
Hairfall Rescue – STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week

Apart from these, there are three more major causes of hair problems.

1. blood circulation

Nutrients go through the bloodstream in our bodies. This is an easy thing. If that, if there is no bleeding in your hair. So how will the hair get nourishment, no matter what good food you eat, your hair will fall out Amazing Hairfall Rescue?

How to Improve Blood Circulation

There is a very easy way to improve the blood flow.

a. Massage Your Hair – Hairfall Rescue

Massage your hair three to four times a week.

B. Use Chemical Free Hair Oil (Hairfall Rescue)

Which oil do you use now? It is also very important. Today, almost all hair oils are filled with petroleum products, alcohol, and cosmetic colors, which harm the hair instead of benefiting it. Therefore, you should use 100% pure oil such as mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or almond oil. Massage slowly. You can massage your scalp at night and wash it in the morning and it will be very good for you.

C. Daily Exercise (Exercise Everyday)

Exercising every day is a great way to increase your blood flow. Doing any exercise for 15 or 20 minutes only increases the blood flow. Some asanas of yoga are very beneficial. To increase the blood flow and do Balayam whenever you get time, it also increases the blood flow in the place of hair. And hair fall stops.

2. DHT In Increase (Increase in DHT)

More than 80% of hair loss occurs due to the increase of DHT hormone. DHT is made from testosterone. DHT inhibits hair life through a biochemical reaction.

Eating DHT Blocked Foods

If you include DHT Blocking Foods in your diet, you can easily reduce DHT hormone production. Fenugreek seeds, four to five soaked almonds, bananas, carrots, and mushrooms are the best DHT Blocking Foods. DHT is the only reason. Because of which bodybuilders take testosterone injections. They become bald.

3. Poor Nutrition – Hairfall Rescue

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, most people do not pay attention to their food; Chinese food at the place like fried chips, cold, drinks, people stopped eating food at home. How delicious it is to eat all the things But we do not nourish our body even a little bit, so those nutrients will not go into our body, which is very important for our hair. So no matter how much we try, our hair will fall, so when we are not able to give nutrients to the body continuously, then our body first stops nourishing hair.

a.High Protein Rich Foods

Each and every hair of our body is made up of protein. Therefore, to keep hair strong, take special care of protein, gram, rajma, chickpeas, all lentils, paneer, etc. are good things. Eat all of these for protein

B.Include Healthy Fats In Diet (Include healthy fat in diet)

It is important to have Healthy Fats in your food as well. Vitamin A, D, E & K Fats Available is Vitamins. So if you do not have Healthy Fats in your food. So all these things are going to be lacking. That’s why almonds, cashews, peanuts, seeds cow’s native ghee, you must take all these things in your food.

Hairfall Rescue - STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week
Hairfall Rescue – STOP Hair Fall in Just 1 Week

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C. Aaron and Vitamin C

Iron and Vitamin C also has a very high role. To keep the hair strong, both are connected. It is very important to have vitamin C in the food in order to observe iron. And as you may be aware that all green leafy vegetables are a tremendous way of iron. And if we talk about Vitamin C, there is nothing better than Amla. If you eat one gooseberry in the day, then you will see its effect very quickly, in addition to this, things like lemon, capsicum are also full of vitamin C.

In this post, you will find the causes and remedies of hair loss and treatment of hair loss in men due to sudden hair loss in children, hair loss disease caused by hair loss, which vitamin causes hair loss in teenage men The reason why women lose their hair is given related information.


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