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Best 5 Ways to drink water – Drinking Water

The right way to drink water: There is more than 60% water in the human body, therefore water is very important to keep the body healthy, but if this water is drunk wrongly, then our body becomes the victim of many diseases such as desegregation. Weakness, joint pain, migraine, skin disease, hair loss, lethargy, kidney and heart disease, and the wrong thing is that more than 99% of people today drink water incorrectly due to which Instead of taking advantage of water, they inadvertently spoil their body.

How and when to drink water, Drinking water
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Water is very important for our body, without water, we cannot observe nutrients even from the food, but water is so important and beneficial, it does not mean that whenever you want to drink it, we will share it with you in this post. What is the right way to drink water in 5 ways and how much water should be drunk.

1. Drink water before and after meals

Drinking water immediately after eating food is a habit of many people, but they do not know whether this method is their right or wrong.It has been considered equivalent to poison in Ayurveda, when we eat food, our body temperature increases so that the desalination Well, but at the same time, if we drink water immediately after eating, our stomach juices become thin, due to which the digestion cannot be done properly, when the food is not digested then the food rotates in the body and when the food rotts So far away from observing the nutrients from it, but because of that the body starts having problems like gas, indigenization, constipation and bloating and this is the reason that you will hear from people as well. ‘I eat a lot, but my body is not made’, ‘I drink a lot of water but still my weight is not decreasing’, so do not drink water as soon as possible after eating. You can curl after eating food. Which will help you keep control

2. Drinking water fast

Nowadays people drink water very quickly in the life of Bhagoda. You will be very surprised to know that the way water entered your body makes a difference, if you drink water very fast, the body will not be able to adopt it and in some way The water drains out of it and you will never want it to happen. Apart from this, our stomach is ACIDIC and Saliva is the basic which stabilizes the stomach acid but when we once I drink too much water, saliva is not able to mix and our stomach starts to acidity. That is why drinking too much water does not reduce the weight of people but increases, that is to say, by gently squeezing the water Drink so that the saliva gets mixed with it, so you always use a glass to drink water. Do not drink water from the bottle of a small mouth.

 drink water, Drinking water

3. drink cold water

Do you also come from outside in the summer and drink cold water directly from the fridge, then if you drink, then you probably do not know about its losses, drinking cold water of the fridge does not spoil your throat, it also prevents your maladministration. Gives cold water to the blood vessels, causes the fat in the food to accumulate, which leads to indigestion, and drinking cold water causes pain in your joints as well, so if you can drink lukewarm water then it is great but more In the summer, lukewarm water is not good, so you can drink the water of an earthen pot, so that the earthen pitcher cools your water naturally and secondly it also keeps the pH of the water maintained.

4. Drink too much water

Some people have a habit that they drink too much water. It is true that our body needs water, but this does not mean that you keep drinking only water throughout the day. Drinking too much water makes the body fluids thinner. It starts happening and water starts filling in the cells and this can cause a lot of loss if the cells of the brain are filled with water, so drink as much water as you are thirsty, yellow urine, and cracked lips. Those who say that there is a lack of water in your body.

5. Standing and drinking water

Nowadays people live in such a hurry that many people run away and drink water, even if they drink water while running, then it is very wrong to do so when we stand and drink water, our kidneys are not able to filter the water properly and if If you do not throw out the kidney vest by fitter, then it causes 100 kinds of disease in the body, standing water and drinking water causes the fluid balance of the body to deteriorate, which increases the chances of getting arthritis disease, so relax as much as possible. Sit and drink water.

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So this was the mistake that we made inadvertently while drinking water, so let us know how much, how much, when, and in which utensil we should drink so that our body gets the most benefit of water.

Whenever you feel like drinking something, you should only drink water. When you wake up in the morning, drink water as soon as you wake up, as we have told you earlier how saliva mixes with water and goes to the stomach to help with digestion. And it is scientifically proven that the first saliva in the morning is effective, so wake up every morning and drink water before brushing, and next thing you should not drink water for 40 minutes before eating and for 1 hour after eating.

It depends on the human body like how much is the weight of the human body, what is his daily routine and what is his body type and we should also know that we get water from fruits and vegetables, hence a fix It will not be right to say the quantity, usually a person should drink two to two and a half to three liters of water in a day.

How and when to drink water
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You can drink water in any vessel, but if you can drink stale water kept in any copper vessel, then its benefits are very good, that’s why you put water in a copper vessel at night and sleep with it and Drink it after getting up in the morning and do not drink the water of this copper vessel in any other metal vessel. It will not help, in Ayurveda, stale water kept in a copper vessel is considered similar to nectar in a copper vessel for 3 months continuously. Drink water and stop it for a month and it will be of great benefit to you.

Friends, water is a boon given to nature, so drink it correctly and use it correctly. In this post, when and how you should drink water, how much water should be drunk in the morning, right way to drink water, how much water should be drunk in 24 hours How many liters of water should be consumed daily? Drinking water. Rules for drinking hot water; How much water should be drunk according to weight? How many liters of water should be drunk per day? A person has been given information related to how much water should be drunk in 1 day.


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