ComputerBuy a Laptop or buy a Computer? - Find Best 5 Ways

Buy a Laptop or buy a Computer? – Find Best 5 Ways

Buy a Laptop or buy a Computer? This question remains in the mind of every person who wants to buy a computer or laptop. Now you should buy a laptop or buy a computer, the answer to this question depends on many factors. Here we will tell you through some important points whether you should buy a laptop or computer?

what is Computer, Buy Best computer or laptop
Buy Best computer or laptop

What is a computer?

What is Computer? We also call computers desktops. A computer in which CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard are all different. You cannot take it everywhere with you.

What is a laptop, Buy the Best computer or laptop
Buy Best computer or laptop

What is a laptop?

What is Laptop? A laptop is a small form of the CPU, mouse, monitor, keyboard are all inside a single device. You can easily take it anywhere and work with it.

What to buy a Laptop or Buy a Computer?

The final decision on what to buy from both (Laptop/computer) remains yours, but here we are sharing some tips with you, due to which you will be able to decide whether you should take a Buy a laptop or Buy a computer. The


Budget means a lot to buy anything. If we talk about the prices of both, then the laptop is very expensive compared to the computer. For example, for a laptop that you can build at the price of 20 thousand rupees, you will have to spend about 40 to 50 thousand rupees.


The second most important thing after the budget is what you will use it for. If you are buying it for a presentation in a meeting etc. then you should take a laptop only, but if you are buying it for working at home or in the office, then you should take a computer.


We all know that computers are always ahead of the laptop in terms of performance. If you spend as much money on Buy a laptop as you spend on a computer, then you can make a laptop with a laptop that performs 2 to 3 times better.


You can put as large a display as you want on a computer. It has the feature of putting a separate display but the laptop does not have this feature. You can not enlarge the screen that fits in the laptop, nor can you use it with any monitor.

These were some factors on the basis of which you can decide what you should buy.

Why buy a computer?

Every device has its own specialty, on the basis of which we buy it. (Why you should buy a computer?) In the market, both computers and laptops are selling a lot, but why should you buy a computer, you should also know this.

– Buy a Computer is cheaper than buying a laptop. Whether you buy a new computer or an old one, you get a computer with very good specifications very cheaply. At the same time, you get a laptop in the market at a much higher price.

– On the computer, you can change a lot of things over time. Such as RAM, Hard Disk, Processor, Graphic Card, etc. You can upgrade its hardware with less expense when the time is right.

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– On the computer, you can monitor the screen size as much as you like. If you want to do gaming, video editing, graphic designing, etc. then the computer is best for you because you can put a big screen on it.

– If something goes wrong in the hardware of the computer, then it is easily found and the computer gets repaired with less cost, while the laptop has to be replaced completely if something goes wrong. The cost of repairing the laptop is also very high.

– We use the computer by keeping it in one place, so it runs well for a long time. We keep using the same laptop anywhere, due to this, problems sometimes arise in it. However, many laptops run without spoilage for many years.

– Computer is best for processing heavy files. To work with a heavy file, you have to spend about 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees to get a laptop that is a computer montage.


Why buy a laptop?

On one hand, while computer properties are mine, the laptop is also no less. It also has some amazing features due to which (Why you should buy a laptop?) You should buy them.

– Even though the laptop is expensive, you can take it anywhere like a smartphone and use it anywhere.

– On a laptop all things like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, mic, all things are found in one device.

– Those studying the technical field in college should buy laptops only during college because they have to do many things in their classrooms and many things at their home.

– With the help of a laptop, you can do all the work that you can do with the help of a computer. The only difference is that you cannot put a big screen in it.

Now buy a laptop or computer, you must have found the answer to this question. If your work is more outside and you do not have to work with a heavy file, then you can buy a laptop. But if you work in your home or office and you do video editing, graphic designing, coding, etc. then you should buy a desktop.

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If your budget is good, then you can buy a laptop but you can make a very good PC ( Buy a Computer) in the same budget. Whose performance will be much more powerful and the screen size will also be bigger. When you work on a computer instead of a laptop, your experience will be different. If we talk about the better of the two, then the desktop is better than the laptop. Because no matter how expensive a laptop you take, it is not able to equal a computer.


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