What is BIOS with full information – Best Guide in 2021

What is BIOS with full information – Best Guide in 2021. Our modern age today is the age of computers. If we look around, we will find that computers have entered almost all walks of life today.

Computers are used everywhere in banks, railway stations, airports, post office industries, business calculations, money counting machines.

From A Junior to Doctor, Students, Teachers, Government Organizations all use the computer for entertainment or just to finish their work. Today life has become difficult to live without computers and the internet.

The importance of computers in our life is very much. Convenience simple dot to human life in this. Convenience storage and accuracy are provided. Like a man’s day does not start without a computer.

It is software without which even a computer cannot run. The name of the software is BIOS, if you are a computer student or have lived, then you must have heard the name of this software. It is taught in schools and colleges. In this video today we are going to give you information about what is BIOS and why computers cannot run without it, everything related to it. So do read this article completely.

What is BIOS with full information - Best Guide in 2021
What is BIOS with full information – Best Guide in 2021

What is BIOS?

When you start the computer, the screen that appears only when you start the computer, the bios is the BIOS full name is Basic Input Output System. It is software or firmware attached to the motherboard that helps to start your computer system. It is an integral part of the computer. And it is the first software to start when the computer is not there.

Without Basic Input Output System the computer will not start. While loading the operating system, the BIOS runs the Power On Test (POT) to ensure that all the computer hardware such as RAM, processor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, USB port, sound card, video card, etc. are in perfect condition and Is it working properly or not.

Then configures them and after that, the operating system is loaded in the computer memory. And our computer starts completely after which we can run any program or software easily. If a defect is found during the self-test, then the Basic Input Output System gives a code to the computer to fix it. Such codes come in the form of a beep that is heard when the computer is turned on. Then the computer automatically starts repairing those reports.

Where does the BIOS reside in the computer?

Bio is located in the ROM memory of our computer and is to identify all the hardware of the computer.

It mainly works to boot the operating system of the computer. The one on the left comes pre-installed on every computer.

Because all other programs in the CPU can be installed only after that. It has to be installed inside the computer’s non-volatile memory ie ROM. We cannot easily delete the chip which is installed in the motherboard of our computer.

However, an EEPROM means Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory type of memory, which means that it can be electronically erased and programmed.

So that later if you have to upgrade the Basic Input Output System then there will be no problem. The motherboard has a chip called CMOS, in which air stores all its settings. The full name of Boss is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and it is the rate of a battery, this BIOS keeps all the settings sourced in it, and Because of this, OS starts on booting the computer from BIOS. CMOS is a small cell. Due to this, the date, time, and all other basic information of the computer is saved. The bio setting is reset when this battery is drained or removed.

You all must have seen that even after having a computer, its time and date do not change. This happens because the setting of time and date is stored in the bios. And it runs on a CMOS battery.

What is BIOS with full information - Best Guide in 2021
What is BIOS with full information – Best Guide in 2021

Function Of BIOS

The first thing to do when the computer starts up, the bio first sets all the settings of the C Bose so that everything can work properly.

The second then loads the Basic Input Output System device drivers and acts as a bridge between the operating system and the connected device so that all hardware devices can interact with the software.

The third is after that Bio initializes all the registers of our CPU properly ie ready to use.

Fourthly, after creating the register, Bio tests all the hardware devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. This POS is called Boost i.e. Power on Self Test.

The fifth is after that the Basic Input Output System wakes up a bootable medium and then reads the same medium and loads the necessary files, and only after that our computer starts and we see the laptop.

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Access Or Update BIOS

The BIOS is accessed using a number of combinations. To access the BIOS, you must first restart your computer, after restarting the computer, as soon as the computer is started, any one of the keyboard shortcut keys F2, F12, Delete or ESC has to be pressed without any time.

Doing this will open the BIOS setting in the computer, from where you can see the settings in the BIOS, see them and also make changes.

To access the Basic Input Output System, one thing you have to keep in mind is that after restarting the computer, you have to press the shortcode thing before the Windows logo appears, only then the BIOS setting will open.

The F10 key is pressed to exit the Basic Input Output System setting. Many times it happens that the PC does not boot or all its input-output devices do not work properly. Sometimes this also happens due to the lack of BIOS updates.

A BIOS update is required if your computer is not able to use all the functions of the new software or hardware. Updating the Basic Input Output System adds additional functions and fixes all the adults and bugs.

What is BIOS with full information - Best Guide in 2021
What is BIOS with full information – Best Guide in 2021

To update the BIOS, you can find out from the Internet which is the latest version of your PC and which version of BIOS is installed on your PC. If you do not know how to check the BIOS version in the PC, then you can check its weight by going to the BIOS setting.

If you are not opening the BIOS setting, then you have to come to the desktop screen and press Windows key + R, after that the run command will open in front of you in which you have to type msinfo32 and press enter key. After that, a window will open in front of you in which you will get all the information related to your computer, and in this, you will also get to know about the Basic Input Output System version.

Keep In Mind

After checking the BIOS version, you can download and install the new version of the BIOS from your computer’s manufacturer’s website. This is a very easy task, but even after reading the instructions carefully, update the Basic Input Output System , otherwise, your computer’s files may also crash. Hope you have understood what is BIOS and how it works from this article.

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