BusinessCement Brick Making Machine - Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month

Cement Brick Making Machine – Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month

Cement Brick Making Machine -Cement Bricks Business. Cement brick-making business plan: Friends, if you want to do such a business, then it should be easy to earn double income in your budget and be a regular earner. Low investment wants to do double income paying business. But you do not know how to do so, you do not have to worry for him, today I have brought such a great business idea for you. To do this, you do not need to get caught in any mess and do not need to invest much.


You do not even have to be educated to do this. Even if you are short, you can do this business very easily. Will give double profit. I can say it with confidence. If you want to do business. So stay with us to know the information related to the business in this article.

Cement Brick Making machine

what is Cement Brick Making Machine : Friends, cement brick machine work. Cement Brick Making Machine of brick produces concrete by mixing concrete and cement of ash stones from the power plant. This machine is in great demand in the market. There is a demand for cement bricks everywhere. And the consumption of large quantities of cement bricks is seen all over the country.

Cement Brick Making Machine -Cement Bricks Business
Cement Brick Making Machine -Cement Bricks Business

Cement Brick Making machine are used to make cement bricks. For example, there is a chimney to cook clay brick. Similarly, it is a small cement brick making machine. Which is easily available at very low prices. And it is a very good means and medium to start self-employment.

If you are thinking of doing a regular income-making business. So you can start your own business with this cement briquette-making machine. There will not be much income in the beginning, but gradually as time goes on in your business, you should keep increasing the money of the business by putting it in the business itself.
Growing your business means increasing your business from 1 Christian to two Christians. Then by doing this, you can make your business in a group and run it as a small company. And you can make millions of rupees by doing cement brick-making business.

How much demand is there for cement brick in the market

How much cement brick needs in the market: As we know that there is fast development on every side, roads overbridge till the work is going on fast in the house hotel stadium. Cement brick is consumed everywhere, in areas where there is a scarcity of soil. In the mountainous regions like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, the state where mountains are mountains.
Only cement bricks are used there. There, cement brick is consumed in crores. At the same time, the construction work continues every day in the whole country. Where only cement brix is ​​used.

Price of Cement Brick Making Machine

what is the price of a Cement Brick Making machine: The cement bricks machine is of two types one manual. And secondly automatic, if you want to start now and you have a low budget then you should take a small Christian. Whose market price is around 2 lakhs. And it can earn you 1 lakh rupees a month. The manual machine, however, produces less but produces decently. A manual machine can make 3000 bricks in 1 day.

Automatic Cement Brick Making machine Prize in India

automatic Cement Brick Making Machine price in India: The price of the same automatic machine is 1000000 rupees in the market. Which can make 1000 bricks in an hour. You can guess how much money can be given to your business. Can be operated by electricity coming into the house. You need space in your house to install this machine, it cannot be planted without space. There should be about 100 square yards of land which includes machine maintenance and raw material drying and place of raw material.

How much risk, how reliable is the business

You must be thinking this. Must have come to your mind That if you invest so much, your money will not drown. For this, let me tell you, there is no need to panic. There is so much demand for cement brick, nowadays, not as much as brick bricks, people are trusting more on cement into nowadays. Because it is so strong.

Cement Brick Making Machine - Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month
Cement Brick Making Machine – Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month

That you can not break it easily, its edges are made very strong with clay into. Because of this, where the building roads are in the flyover village, the park stadium is wherever the bricks are used. Cement brick is used there more and more. So stop worrying about the fear that your money will be purchased or no one will buy your brick. Rather you will have so many orders, you will not be able to complete the order. You can also start small, if you have a good budget, then you can take an automatic machine and do cement bricks business on big labels.

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Why buy Cement Brick Making Machine

why we buy Cement Brick Making Machine: Nowadays the demand for cement bricks is increasing day by day. The setup of making clay bricks has become so expensive. Due to this people are forced to look at cement. There is not much setup required to make cement brick. Work on the road of all constructions is being done with cement brick only.
The consumption of cement into is very much in the country, compared to the soil. If you also have a low budget then you can buy this Christian and start a business. These are available in both manual automatic modes. To operate it, the electricity of the house is also easily operated on two or three faces.

In the region of India which lacks soil, it is more consumed in the mountainous areas. If you start your business in hilly areas, then the expectation of profit will increase manifold.

What is the benefit of cement brick making machines

what is the benefit of Cement Brick Making Machine: Self-employment is the best and successful way to start your own business. This business, which provides regular and daily income, has to reduce investment. The outcome is more. Without any hassle, no interruptions can start anywhere.

What is needed to start a BRICS business?

What is necessary to start cement bricks business: To start, you need to have a Cement Brick Making Machine space and man. You have to have the space to produce the machine for installation. Keep the raw material and after preparing it, you should have a place to store and dry and make it.

There should be a land of about 100 square yards, which includes machine maintenance and a place to dry raw materials and a place to keep raw materials. Now comes the business, this business cannot be done alone, so you need four to five people to do it. Will be required to work with you to work like a team member. Their job will be to run your machine and do the brick printing by mixing the spices and storing the same in one place. The laborers whom you keep on daily wage or on Mahewari is up to you.

How much will it cost

How much investment needed to start This Business: It is your uper when it comes to spending. Whether you want to start at the big level, or small. The cost of a small Christian is low because a large Christian is expensive because of its automaticity. If you do not have much amount or do not have much budget. To do business, you start a small business. Increase business money by repeating it in business.

Cement Brick Making Machine - Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month
Cement Brick Making Machine – Best Way to Earn 5Lac Per Month

The cost of a small machine is ₹ 200000. And it makes you 3 thousand bricks in 24 hours. Also, the money that will be put into the business setup is not very much. You have the cost of raw materials and the expenses of decorating and the daily wages of Christian setup laborers. When you start the business, initially you will only incur the cost of the machine. Also, the material from which the bricks will be made (Cement Brick Making Machine ) will find it in the beginning, if you have to start.

Loan is also available from the government

government give loan for startup: The state central government also provides loan for self-employment. You can also apply for the loan. For this, the youth can be promoted through the central government’s Yuva Yuva Rozgar Yojana and the state government’s youth self-employment scheme. This scheme has been rolled out for incentives for. If you are short of money budget. So there is a provision of loan for this as well.
You can apply in the bank by going to the website of the Central Government and the State Government, or by filling in the form by going to any Sahaja Jan Seva Kendra. Central and state governments are giving opportunities for loans. You can also start your business by taking advantage of this opportunity to become a self-reliant India.


Today competition has increased so much that every person has to struggle for earning in every sector, which is troubled for earning, in such a situation employment opportunities are rarely seen. People who like to do business. Those who want to do something for themselves by doing something on their own.

For him, this article can prove to be very brilliant and useful. I hope you remember it would have helped a lot. If you liked any article. And value has also been received. So share it to your friends on social media so that they too can do something new if they are thinking of doing business. If you have any question in your mind, then you can ask it through your comment.

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