Which is the largest bank in India Best in 2021?

Which is the largest bank in India? There are many banks in India, many of them are private sector banks and many are from government sector banks but do you know that Which is the largest bank in India. Most people will not know if you do not know, then it is not a matter of concern in this article.

Which is the largest bank in India
Which is the largest bank in India

Who is the largest in the government sector And Which is the largest private sector bank But to know this, you will have to read this article from beginning to end, so that you will be able to get detailed information.

In today’s modern era, a bank account of most people is open, there will be few selected people whose account is not open in the bank, most people open a savings account or current account in the bank to secure their remaining money. Let’s do a transaction.

Which is the largest bank in India?

The total number of commercial banks in India at present is 93, out of which there are also government banks, private banks, and payment banks, almost all banks have a large amount of customers and use banking services by opening accounts in these banks.

But some banks have more customers, some banks have fewer customers, now the question comes Which is the largest government bank in India. And Which is the largest private bank in India. Get to know specific information about both banks.

Which is the largest government bank in India?

In making a bank small or big, customers have a big contribution, it is determined by the bank’s branch, the bank’s net worth, revenue, profit, which bank is big, which is small, so currently India’s largest bank State Bank Of India is

State Bank of India was established on 1 July 1955 with its President Dinesh Kumar Khara Its headquarters is located in Mumbai Maharashtra, it is a state-owned bank, which is the oldest bank in the country.

Which is the largest bank in India
Which is the largest bank in India

SBI offers its services in many areas apart from Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Credit Cards, Private Banking, Mortgage Loans, Finance and Insurance.

SBI is an international service provider. The bank is offering its services to customers in more than 36 countries. SBI has 22,141 branches and installed more than 58,555 ATM machines in India.

State Bank of India Has total assets of $ 590 billion in 2020 and total profits of $ 1.6 billion in 2020 Total equity of $ 35 billion in 2020.

State Bank of India employs more than 2,49,448 employees. The bank has about 23% shares. SBI is also listed among the top companies in India. It is expanding its operations every day.

Which is the largest private bank in India?

Now the question is which is the biggest bank in the private sector, so ICICI Bank looks here because the fast service of ICICI Bank is far ahead with more customers and branches making it the second largest bank in India.

ICICI Bank was established on 5 January 1994, the bank’s MD / CEO is Sandeep Bakshi, its corporate headquarters is in Mumbai Maharashtra and the registered headquarters is in Vadodara Gujarat.

ICICI Bank also has branches in South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, Woman, Bangladesh, China, among many other countries. ICICI has about 5275 branches and more than 15589 ATM machines in India.

According to 2019 data in ICICI Bank, more than 84922 employees are employed, which are increasing day by day.

ICICI Bank’s total assets were $ 190 billion in 2020, $ 17 billion in total equity and $ 1.3 billion in 2020.

In addition to retail banking, ICICI Bank performs a wide range of functions such as insurance and finance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, credit cards, wealth management.

Which is the largest bank in India
Which is the largest bank in India

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How to identify a bank, big or small?

Every bank is doing its work in many different ways, but how do you identify whether the bank is big or small, for this you should look at the following things.

  • What is the total Assets Asset of the bank.
  • What is the total equity.
  • How much has Net Income been in the past year.
  • How much is operating income?
  • How many employees work
  • How many branches are total
  • How much is total revenue?
  • It is decided that which bank is big and which is small, by paying special attention to things like which bank the bank is working in, etc.

Apart from this, also read.


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Which is the largest bank in India?

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